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DC Television Thread


That’s not the issue.
I have no problem with her elbowing a robber.
My problem is that she’s elbowing an unarmed robber who is thanking her for saving his life.

If they’re going to want to write in a bit like that, have the robber be an ungrateful jerk.

But that demands better writers, which is asking for the moon with these shows.


Kara was totally focused on Mxyzptlyk, and likely only hear a robber - who with his comrades-in-arms has thoughtfully just bounced a bunch of bullets off her boobs - start to say something and blammo!

There are times to just shut up.


So we go back to my secondary point about her being a rash superhero.


“rash”? Ah! You’re jealous that she picked Mon-El and not you!


Nah, everyone knows best girl is Legion’s Lenny.

Oof, she’s got it going onnnn


Oh, but.

MIRITE @TMasters


really, thats who you pick? not ever the best looking woman on her own show


I thought we were going with the girls with glasses thing?
but yeah…Ronnie every time.


Aw, @RonnieM must be so touched.


Oh yeah.

I’m even totally in for Cherry and her stuck-up asshole-bitch thing.

This is the best thread ever - More please!


I smell a Riverdale only thread a -startin’.


Well I’m proud to say I only watch the Flash… Arrow, SG and LoT can suck it… :stuck_out_tongue:




Well at this point I’m only watching “Powerless” just to see how cringy, unfunny and utterly attrocious it can get… I know I shouldn’t but daaaamn… What a waste of Tudyk and Puddi.

What the hell were they thinking with this one? :neutral_face:


I caught the last five minutes of last night’s show. I’m sorry I watched that much.


I’m not watching Powerless because … well, mainly because Supergirl isn’t in it.


And you don’t want to risk permanent brain damage?


How do you know for sure if you’ve never watched it?


Oh, please. My Supergirldar is perfectly well attuned.