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Things I liked about Supergirl discovering James Olsen was the Guardian

  1. She wasn’t all “I’ve hated Guardian all season but now I know it’s you I’m cool with it”, she was like “No. You stupid. Stop doing stupid things.”
  2. In the big we-all-love-each-other scene at the end she was still all “You stupid. Just stop it.”
  3. Mostly it was all about the "James u r stupid, stop now". Yay!
  4. Mostly, Supergirl yay! :slight_smile:

Things I didn’t like:

  1. James didn’t stop. He’s stupid.

  2. He should know that when Supergirl tells you to stop, you should stop, otherwise you’re stupid.


Yay Supergirl night :slight_smile:


I really hope most of this is sarcastic, cause sometimes I can’t tell on this board.
There is such a breach between my taste and others, it blurs.


Wonder what this costume says about her character.


They’re real, and they’re spectactular.


You’re probably the only person that isn’t completely and utterly charmed by Melissa Benoist.


She’s probably a very nice woman.

But Kara is written like a complete dolt sometimes.

Vigilantism isn’t, and should not be, within her purview.

DC is built on vigilantism, and CW"s method of having every hero be “vetted” by other heroes is a chokehold.




She cute. :heart_eyes:



The post was 100% serious. Sorry.


Damn, ah well


Well, last night’s Supergirl (not actually last night’s, but I watch these things on a delay :slight_smile: ) was sloppily plotted again, and as usual it was down to trying to use all the supporting cast.

[spoiler]A White Martian is locked in the building with them! Why can’t Supergirl x-ray vision the whole building to find it? “Because someone lined the walls with lead” – ok, I loved that line, and I loved J’onn’s understated reaction to it.

But what’s their plan B? Let’s split up into pairs and comb the building floor-by-floor at human walking pace.

Yes, ok, let’s just completely forget that we’ve established Supergirl is roughly as fast as the Flash and could comb the building by herself before you’ve finished stating the plan.

Plotting like that really annoys me in comics (like, writers always forget Superman moves faster than the eye can follow when they need a normal human like Batman to pose a threat to him) and annoys me here too.

But never mind because Supergirl was awesome (if a little too mopey) and Mon-El was awesome (ditto with the mopey) and Winn was awesome in his role as Generic DEO Tech #1 , and even the nameless DEO guys were great in this. It was a really nicely performed lock-in episode, only slightly marred by the stupid plot holes.

See how much better Supergirl is when Guardian isn’t in it? :smiley:


No he’s not.




Well I was indeed charmed by her nudie pics… does that count for anything? :smile:

But seriously, nothing against her, she might be an okay actress for all I know, but the show is unbearable to me.




I’m with Tom all the way. Nothing against Benoist personally, but the CW shows aren’t great, and Supergirl certainly isn’t.


Alex Meraz (Suicide Squad) has been cast as one of the leads in WGN America’s drama pilot Scalped. The project, which will feature a predominantly Native American cast, was written by Doug Jung (Banshee) based on the DC graphic novel series written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by R.M. Guéra.

Jung was also one of the writers on Star Trek Beyond, and the upcoming Cloverfield movie. The only other TV show he created was TNT’s Dark Blue, which was very forgettable.


Melissa Benoist is single again.