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DC Television Thread


Yeah, Tom, but I’m old-school. Besides, I can’t spell imbecile.


They’s all be imbeciles uncle jimmy-bob-miqque



Why? Was Laurel Lance not bad enough? :smile:


How bigger a bad do they need besides Talia Al Ghul?


Also…I mean, Supergirl is dealing with the female Luthors at this point.


Speaking of:


Soo… I subjected myself to the 2nd episode of powerless… and was left with one simple question:


Why is this even a show? Like, seriously, what’s the point? =/





S2 has been fun, but I was worried after they took it off the air until summer.


Depending on how well APB does, it could come back sooner.


Really enjoyed S1, haven’t yet got to S2.


I thought Limitless was fairly lame and derivative on the part-episode I caught. Just saw a trailer in which almost the entire content of the trailer from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode “The Chicago Way” was lifted. The whole thing!

Please allow me to register my disdain.


Limitless was actually a very good show… and of course it got cancelled. But the pilot was VERY derivative for sure, it was basically the movie’s plot but with another lead… and the movie’s lead as a cameo… u_u



Funny part is that Amell and Emily Bett may be the most competitive gym rats on the cast (besides Ramsey, who’s a beast). Apparently they work out competitively at times.


Another episode of Supergirl where people really should listen to Snapper.

I love how Kara took the moral win even though she had no idea that the footage was faked until everyone else did. Let’s get the credit to Winn.


And per CW standards, Mxyzptlk is a pretty boy.