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i’m sure he has his supporters in the Writers’ room but it is probably the actor and his agent pushing for the sub plot angle. Actors are vain, self important people. They look at a script, think I don’t have enough lines, persistently complain and annoy the powers that be (showrunners, writers) until the PTB give in and give him a subplot that totally has NOTHING to do with the show premise.

Make James her boss and get rid of Snapper Carr, who is just there for name recognition. He is not even anything like the Snapper from the comics. that way, they properly increase Melissa’s screentime back to where it should and still give Mehcad enough screentime.

As for Tim’s list, I like neal mcdonough, but a little goes a long way, and the current storyline in LoT is veering back towards 1st season, Legion of Doom is becoming the 2nd season’s version of the 1st season’s Vandal/Hawks.

Furthermore, I dislike Eobard Thawne. He is probably an OK actor but every time i see him I think of Tom Cavanaugh, and this new guy is a pale imitation of Tom.

So I pick Guardian and Dahrk as the most awful subplots.


I can’t believe people are defending James in the first season.

He was boring.

His dynamic with Wynn right now is the only interesting this he has had going on with the show.
Because honestly? The two of them together make up one decent Jimmy Olsen. They bring out the best in eachother.

And he should quit from his job at CatCo to pursue viligantism more, because Snapper is so much better.
His no-nonsense management is a breathe of fresh air from when the show gets too saccharine.

In his first episode Snapper is completely right about everything, and they still tag on a scene where Jimmy asserts dominance for no reason other than to “prove the mean man wrong”…when he wasn’t.


This is true.

the rest of your post, not so much :slight_smile:


If you don’t think that Jimmy and Wynn’s dynamic is actually saving both characters from being total wastes…then I don’t know.

Addendum: They should have called him Mr. Action instead of Guardian.


I like the dynamic between James Wynn. But it only exists because of the ludicrous Guardian sub-plot, which shouldn’t be there. So arguably, they shouldn’t be there either.

In the first season, their relationship arose naturally from roles that seemed integral to the series. In the new season, they feel like they belong in a different show. You could replace Wynn with generic DEO tech guy #1, remove James entirely, and the plots and the dynamics between every other character would be entirely unaffected (and Kara’s relationship with Snapper would be better).

Both of them have moved away from their original (excellent) roles, but in neither case does it feel like a character progression, it feels like desperation.

This doesn’t stop me thinking Supergirl is the best thing on TV at the moment, and I still think both actors are excellent. I just don’t think they are being used well by the writers, and are (now) the weakest part of the show.


Honestly, I agree that Wynn’s role in the DEO is worthless.

But Jimmy? His role should have been relegated to “supporting friend” from the get go.
The moment they started to move forward with a romantic angle, it just became less interesting because it was either too soon, or just not developed enough. Writing out Lucy that soon was a mistake because they hadn’t mined his insecurities enough…and that’s prime Jimmy fodder.

Plus, they had a bit too much “yes but no” moments when saying whether they were interested in pursuing each other. Which became trite after a while.

Guardian subplot does pull focus, but…honestly Wynn and Jimmy hanging together makes it worth it for me. Because other than Martian Manhunter’s episodes, the main episodes don’t really engage.


I think the Martian stuff is dumb.

It’s a fun show but there isn’t really an ongoing sub plot that I like. Mon El is probably the exception.


The only cure for Kara’s separation anxiety, according to opinions here is:

  1. Winn and Olsen go to Metropolis to play Guardian.
  2. Alex and Maggie split for Hub City.
  3. Cat Grant vanishes in a South American jungle.
  4. Snapper Carr … snaps.
  5. Mon-El chews on a pencil and is out for the count.
  6. J’onn J’onzz decides to purse Megan.
  7. Mom disappears to find the vanished Dad.

Aaaaand we’re left with Supergirl. All alone.

Is that what you want?



The subplots like Martian Manhunter is what make it a fun show.
Supergirl’s focus is kinda…dragging it down imo.


I’d watch all of these shows over Supergirl solo tbh



I love Mon-El, which is surprising because this is not my Mon-El so by rights I should hate him. But the character as written here works brilliantly within the context of the show, and I like the way he plays against Kara.

I guess the moral is that you can change something as far from the source as you like, and I’ll accept it as long as the end result is actually good.


Some posts really need a “dislike” button :angry:


I’m sorry, but she and the show really work when they delve into the other aspects of the mythology. Not really her especially. The episode before last really highlighted this.
I place most of the blame on shifting much about her character into a Clark Kent mold instead of finding a median route for any other incarnation of Supergirl.


The problem with any superhero show or project is one can only deconstruct so far, and then things fall apart. So, you’re a “reporter”. Salaried, hourly or stringer? That apartment - looks like lots of space. What’s the monthly? Be about $3,600/month in Denver, but you’re not in Denver - you’re in a more expensive city. Just start there, deconstruction does not go well at all. This is why we really do not need much more “depth” than we are given. I really don’t want to know how much laundry goes to the dry cleaner, I just want Supergirl to punch something that really needs it, and maybe some plot.

But what do I know? I clear swamps with F-bombs.


Very true Miqque.

I just mean making her Clark Kent in attitude was weird.


Hopefully that’s a phase. I do like the way Kara’s personality has been “built”. Maybe favorite factor is she really does not like change! C’mon, Kara has Sheldon Cooper tendencies and is trying to be a reporter!


It’s the CW, I mean…Barry shouldn’t be such an annoying idiot…but he still is.
Not that Kara is an annoying idiot, but she is saccarhine and such, but I feel they’ll invest more in her staying that way for the long haul.

Which is okay, as long as the subplots stay better.


When was the last time she got decently laid? Not to be sexist, just to be human. Clark is apparently happy with Lois, but who says female Kryptonians do not have alternate physical difficulties? I mean, we’ve gone from having to red-sun-radiation one’s superpowers to death and get beat up by a redneck to get laid. Now we have perhaps one potential mate, and he’s an idiot. Don’t we want to cut her just a little slack for being 172 on a 1-10 scale of frustration?


Calling Mon-El an idiot kinda oversells the mental playing field of the average DC/CW protagonist.