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DC Television Thread



Looks like Glee did serve a purpose after all! :smile:


He’ll do.



All my dreams have come true, it looks like Streaky the Super-Cat will appear on Supergirl :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Uh, David, I have some bad news for you…


Hey, if it’s Streaky’s 30th-century descendant Whizzy, that would be ok too :slight_smile:


Oh boy.

The “pussy” she is referring to is a bit whizzy, but not in the comic book way.




It’s the worst kept secret in the DC(TV)U (though the Flash’s secret identity gives it a run for its money). They constantly stand around discussing it in a big room full of people. Everybody in the DEO must know it, and they let random civilians walk into DEO HQ whenever they want. Plus the turnover of DEO agents is so high (half-a-dozen die each week), I can’t believe they have time to properly vet them all. Some of them are bound to be super-villains or undercover reporters.

So basically, Maggie is pretty dumb to take this long.


LOL, right! I like the “worst disguise ever” crack as a cover-up. Hell, EVERYONE will know Kara and Barry Allen in their respective cities by the end of each season, it seems.


Marc Guggenheim is catching hell on Twitter over the new Black Canary:


Wait, so people are upset that Laurel died and they’re now introducing a new canary?

Man, I haven’t watched the show past season, uh, 3 I think, but Laurel was the most annoying character on any show ever.


Yeah I was pretty glad when she died. It was clear the writers had run out of things to do with her a long time ago. Plus she was such a terrible fighter it was starting to stretch credibility that her hadn’t gotten badly hurt or killed yet.


I’m not sure anyone felt badly when Laurel died. Her character was pretty lame and they really forced her into the Black Canary role. From the moment they introduced Sara, who is a far superior character, Laurel was redundant.


They forced her into the Black Canary role because she became redundant after Felicity and Oliver had better chemistry together.


And I still haven’t seen the episode where Oliver gets shot by the radioactive arrow!


Did he gain the proportional strength and pliability of a yew tree? :open_mouth:


Well, everyone needs to bow down toward Gotham.
It’s just reclaimed the crown of king.