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DC Television Thread


I’ll say the same thing I said in response to a video about this, but spoilerize for the dainty.

Pfft! Cosnett is on Quantico. The ratings are diving. He’s going to be killed off or the show cancelled, so he needs work. Time to return to Flash!


Gotham is back on it;s feet.


Interesting that they changed the setting from an insurance company to a security/technology firm. It looks like there was a major revamp though it doesn’t appear to have made it funnier.


Well, should he be appear on the show?


There’s really a typo in that title. :joy:


Ah yes… The infamous Bart Allen Bee.

The Bee version of the renowned kid speedster.


It would be a bit tricky, since this series plays a lot on the “will they, won’t they” element of Barry and Iris relationship, and having a grandson from the future would pretty much set their relationship in stone. But hey, if they want to go for it anyway, why not :stuck_out_tongue:


Guess it’s official now:


And the board controls can be an annoying nag!


Not sure - I think the cast is big enough at the moment. Do we really need another speedster, with Wally barely being fleshed out as it is?


If something is to be learned from this series is that there is never something as too much speedsters :wink:


‘Powerless’ EP: Bruce Wayne Puts Dim Cousin In Charge Of Company, Like Donald Trump And “Idiot Sons” – TCA





I hate musicals, so I don’t really want anyone to sing… u_u


“Powerless” looks terrible.

I do love Tudyk, so I’ll probably give it a shot. But… eh.


I’m waiting for it to come on the CW next year.


Melissa Benoist at the Women’s March:


And she means it!