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I would think so.


And in Young Justice Season 3 news:



Coming soon (we hope):


I would watch the hell out of that.


Only peek if you saw the mid-season finale!


Hard to argue some of the picks on this list:


Well, they’ve cast Guinevere:



And I’m starting to have more hope for Justice League Action:




I’ve been watching these shows on the UK airings, so have only got to the mid-season breaks this week. Some stray thoughts:

*All the shows are hitting a higher standard this year. Legends is genuinely fun rather than fun in a trashy way, Supergirl has stepped up and Arrow has improved greatly from last year’s tedium.

*Legends has improved partly from dumping Rip. I’m wary of his teased return (though I suspect he’s lost his memory and that film is made from fragmentary bits bobbing to the surface), as Sara fills the leadership role more naturally. I like Nate, but his costume is awful. Looks ridiculous and plasticy with pads and helmet that make no sense for a guy who can turn into steel. I hope they improve the Atom suit soon as well.

*I can’t believe they’re using Ragman on Arrow, but I greatly approve. Roll on Detective Chimp!

*The crossover was a little underwhelming. I can see the logistical problem of working Supergirl in given it’s on first in the week and the red sky nod was nice, but nothing about the initial team up really felt valid. Some aliens run past Barry so he gets every super-person he knows (including from an alternate reality) except not the Hawks, for no real reason, or Jay and Jessie? Was that the best they could come up with? I guess they’re edging towards setting up the JLA and the Hall of Justice, given they inexplicably kept calling the hanger a “hall”.

*How many evil speedsters can they have left to use on Flash? It doesn’t inspire confidence that the only big bad Flash and Arrow have used that isn’t broadly a dark reflection of the hero is Damien Dhark


Mark Hamill remains pure fried gold!


Oh, yeah, I loved the glimpse of the very Joker-esque Earth 3 Trickster. I was hoping to see more of Earth 3 than just that and zeppelins though.


Underwhelming is the same word I would have used for the crossover, too. It had a lot of nice moments, but the plot was held together with chewing gum and mostly it had no reason to be a crossover except “it’s time to do a crossover”.

But funnily, as I was watching it and thinking thouse thoughts, I was also recognising that those toughts also applied to almost every crossover in comics. I never minded when the heroes in comics would say “We’d better call _____ for help, even though we didn’t last month when the threat was just as bad,” and I overlooked the forced exposition for the people who didn’t read both titles. But it was always there. Maybe I was just more forgiving of bad comics than I am of bad television.


There’s still a ton: Godspeed, Black Flash, Inertia, Johnny Quick… Maybe a couple more.

I expect we’ll at least see Johnny Quick sooner or later. I’d like to see Impulse, Inertia and Max Mercury too.


I’d like to see Impulse. I suspect Max might be difficult as they’ve sort of pushed Jay into that almost zen-master mentor role.