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DC Television Thread


I’ve still been watching Arrow. So far this season is much better than last season. Not that that’s hard to do since last season was a boring mess.


Plus, last season, they killed Laurel .


And about time too. The fact that she had survived so long being such a terrible fighter was a real stretch.


I waited to watch all 4 in a row so I just finished it. It was done well. My favorite scene might have been Sara and Oliver talking about how it all started with them. I’m glad Cisco is not mad at Barry anymore, Firestorm actually used their transmutation power(& Stein’s headaches have gone away), Speedy suited up again, and Ollie did his best Batman impression while dealing with Kara(good thing Gotham is not in the Berlantiverse). Curious to see where they go with the 2nd generation Stein too. Also can’t wait for Joe’s reaction to HR’s training of Wally. May be time to look for a new Wells. :grin:


Not sure Stein’s headaches are gone.

Did it really start with Ollie and Sara? I kinda thought it all started with Ollie dumping Laurel for Sara.


I thought they meant when the Queen’s Gambit crashed and Ollie and Sara started their path to vigilante and assassin.

and Stein’s headaches were caused by the change in his past which has been resolved by him meeting his daughter and fully realizing that new timeline.


Yeah, but it was supposed to be Ollie and fiancee Laurel, so the whole thing began with a betrayal.


yes but i have always preferred Sara over Laurel and Laurel was only fiancee in the flashback from this week. I don’t think Ollie ever got that serious with her before then. Laurel was never going to be on the boat so she was never going to be part of the origin.


Probably need to re-watch the first part of first season again, but was there not a lot of bad juju going on in the Queen household? Mom screwing Deathstroke, daddy with incipient suicidality, the Tommy-Thea thing and so forth?


definitely watch first season again. this time without medication :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now, you know I dumped the majority of that lot!

er… however, last night you would have been sure there was a skunk loose!





Wasn’t Camelot 3000 a Brian Bolland masterwork?


It was indeed. I don’t think I’ve read it, but the art I’ve seen, as you might expect, was rather wonderful


It was his first US work. Actually the first and last ongoing work he ever did. Since The Killing Joke he’s never managed more than short stories and covers.


It was one of my favorite comics as a kid actually. I haven’t read it in years though. Kind of wondering how it holds up now actually.




Just for the record, Ollie’s mom was screwing Malcolm Merlyn, not Deathstroke. :innocent: