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DC Television Thread


I’m kinda getting the impression from reading all this that I should be watching Supergirl with whatsthesupergirlactress’snameagain? It does sound like a fun show.

I still find a lot to like about Gotham, and the city and characters are a blend of little bits and pieces of all the previous on-screen incarnations. Visually it’s a Gotham pick’n’mix. Some of the episodes have been atrociously bad though. It is an odd show. Arrow is all a bit angsty anxious at times.

I’m not keen on plots that get dragged out too long, but I like the shows that take the time for quieter character moments.


Supergirl Season One was a great antidote for BvS and dark-and-gritty. Arrow may have the most character moments, but I like the arcs (changeable as they are) on Flash. Legends has lots of character moments as well, making a huge change from season one to two. What’s nice is most can be enjoyed with very little context, and enjoyed much more the wider and deeper the viewer’s comics background.


Best thing about Flash is Tom Cavanagh, and has been through all three seasons. I’m loving his newest version of Harrison Wells.


He was the only thing I really liked about Flash when I was watching it.

It’s kind of weird to see him as JD’s dumb brother on Scrubs now…


To me, he’s always been and forever will be Ed =)



Okay, yeah, sooo… you only need to watch the last one and a half minutes of Supergirl (though you won’t miss much if you don’t), but if you watch the last two minutes you also get to see girls kissing, so yayyy. I have no idea what all that is about though, I flicked through until Barry turned up.


Yayyy, I guess. You really know how to sell a show to me?

This time I peeked because I’m not trying to avoid spoilers. :wink:


Well girls kissing wasn’t enough to sell it to me, to be fair, so I don’t even own it to sell it on. It’s quite deleted from my hard drive now.


Well I’ll be honest, it’s the only reason I’ve been watching for the last season-and-a-half.



I thought the crossover, overall, was very well done. They did a good job of having one storyline carry through all the shows, but each individual show still having their own point-of-view or “flavor” so to speak.

I think it was kind of a missed opportunity not to have the “kill all meta humans” weapon from the finale not tie into the “kill all aliens” weapon from Supergirl, given that they are so similar in concept and for the fact that it would have tied the Supergirl episode into the rest of the storyarc much better. Without that, the Supergirl episode remains almost an “after-credits” easter egg to launch the rest of the story.

I was impressed by what they achieved with the event overall, and I think the last 5 - 10 minutes of the finale were my favorite. (I don’t know if this justifies spoiler text or not but I’ll err on the side of caution.) Just seeing everyone hanging out in their civilian clothes and taking a moment to celebrate their win was really cool. It reminded me a little of the party scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron, which I also enjoyed. Something about seeing heroes in their downtime, just hanging out and being friends, I really enjoy that.


All put together, without commercials, the crossover rather beat Justice League to the punch. Didn’t even bring in two big possibles - Superman and Flash (Jay Garrick). But, now we know what’s shakin’ on Earth-38.

One delightful future bit. Legends to E-38, where Ray Palmer somehow gets a familiar suit from the El family! Maybe when we find out what Jeremiah (Dean Cain) has been up to.

They did exactly what they were supposed to do. Provide more than satisfactory entertainment, and leave us wanting more.


I would love to see a future crossover find an excuse to have Tyler Hoechlin, Brandon Routh, and Dean Cain in a scene together. Story-wise, it might be hard to find a reason to get their characters in the same room… but, man, just the sheer geek factor of having three Supermen on screen together seems like it would be shame not to do it!


Have thought of about six ways already - best, I think, is to have them face the woefully underpowered Cyborg Superman (the original Hank Henshaw) who is suddenly not so underpowered.
They all kick each other’s ass and Supergirl saves the day! Her show, after all!



I still have to catch up on DC TV this season, mainly Flash and Supergirl which I’ve been really consistently entertained by.

I’m curious for anyone who watches Arrow! Is there anybody who’s been watching this season and didn’t like either the last season or the latter half of season 3? Arrow really lost me but I’ve heard this season is better, so I’m wondering how much better that is.


Yeah I couldn’t stand last season, this season is a huge step up.


Early numbers show quite an increase for Arrow - 77% at last count. Still early numbers. I think the overall “move things along” is helpful.


Eh… I skiped the SG episode, as apparently it barely had anything to do with the corssover and I didn’t feel like I missed anything… And the Arrow episode was very much skippable as well… it seems that only Flash and Legends were REALLY into crossover mode…

Other than that, I guess it was fine… obviously too CW-y but for what it’s worth it was entertaining… oh, and I’m glad I stopped watching arrow since apparently there are now 3 more cringy characters in the show… Damn that was painful to watch =/