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DC Television Thread


I haven’t seen any of it at all though.


I’ve only ever seen the Flash team up, she’s still in another universe so there’s won’t be any back story to catch up on, think she’ll just end up on post flashpoint earth via Vibe’s powers.


@DavidM loves Supergirl the most.

I think. I rate them:

LOT / Flash
Wild Dog





I rate them:


Arrow (gave up after two seasons)
LOT (gave up after two episodes)


All four shows have seen improvements this season over last.

Supergirl is actually pretty good. Season 1 was a bit hit or miss but season 2 has been better, although I could do without the James Olsen as Guardian storyline.

Legends of Tomorrow ranged from boring to a confusing mess in season 1 but season 2 has been much better, especially now that they don’t have so many characters to focus on.

The Flash season 2 lost the fun that season 1 had, but season 3 seems to have gotten it back.

I stopped watching Arrow about halfway through season 4 but from what I hear season 5 has been better (though I’ve only seen one episode, the one with Vigilante).

If I had to rank them:

  1. The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow (tie)
  2. Supergirl
  3. Arrow


Yes to the Wild Dog! Vigilante too.

Season 5 of Arrow is better than 3/4, season 2 of Supergirl has been better than one, and season 3 of Flash has been better than two.
Things are pointed in the right direction.

As for Legends of Tomorrow, I could go either way. I’m still watching and want it to be good, but it’s still trying to find itself.


I think that Legends of Tomorrow has improved this season so far. Losing the awful Hawk people and Savage has really helped. It’s still not exactly good, but it’s become a bit more fun.


I really like Captain Lance - the LoT one, not the drunk one! (Which seems to be resolving, as well.)

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I don’t see Wild Dog on this list. I am disappoint.


Not seen Supergirl but it’s bound to be better than Arrow. Also it seems to place a lot of emphasis on Superman’s bum.


Wild Dog.
There you go. I included him on my list especially for you. :wink:


Okay, For real now:


When WILD DOG! gets his inevitable spinoff, I anticipate him taking the #2 slot. He’s all that salvages Arrow right now.


As Nicola Scott said (inexact quote) “I’ve been drawing buns that way for years. Glad DC finally caught up!”

Yep. Tyler’s a bubble-butt. Good Superman, but a bubble-butt.


I honestly don’t know if you’re all being serious about Wild Dog. You mean this?

He’s got a TV show now?

Edit: never mind, I see from later posts he’s in Arrow.


He’s doing well on Arrow. Already has taken an epic beating.


I think Legends of Tomorrow is super fun. I thought the first season was just kind of, I dunno, it was sort of meh - it wasn’t Arrow meh, but it was meh-ish.

But this season is just the right amount of levity and dorkiness, with a splash of action and drama. It doesn’t delve into the type of soap opera you see on the other three Berlanti verse shows (not really, especially now that Hawkfemale and Hawkbot are gone) and the characters are kind of fun cliches that seem like they’re having fun playing those roles.

So, it’s a nice little brainless show in a fun vein, that I would liken to… oh, something like Big Hero 6.

Flash is more or less following the same template, but, it remains entertaining.
Arrow is much improved from last season, but I still find the show a bit of a dreary watch as we race from personal drama to personal drama, to mystery to cliffhanger to personal drama to voice modifier.
Supergirl is also much improved - the pilot for that show was awful but the lead, I forget her name … let’s just call her Supergirl actress … Supergirl actress is very likeable and that carries it quite far. It also helps that they’re pulling out the a-list Superman villains like Metallo, Cyborg Superman, Parasite along with an already strong cast.

Have I missed something? Maybe Gotham. I feel like Gotham should be included - it’s a weird show, and it isn’t anywhere near as fun as the berlanti stuff, but the DC villains are fairly fun and the relationship between Penguin and Nygma is the best soap opera on TV.


During the meetings when Supergirl went from CBS to the CW much was discussed. Rumor has it that the writers basically had the seasons sketched out when told “Okay, do all that, but get it done before a mid-season crossover.” So every pace was sped up. Successfully, I think. And I do like Hoechlin as Superman (unexpected goodness there). And it’s Melissa Benoist.


Ah yes - that’s right - Melissa Supergirlactress. She’s very charming.

That seems to be a common comment writers receive these days - I know that’s what the Agents of Shield writing room were told when they were looking to get re-upped. I think that’s probably true that audiences these days want plots to proceed much more quickly than they used to - but there are exceptions - stuff like Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead get to put the brakes on a little because the the smaller episode count means each episode can stand on it’s own like a little film, to some extent.

Supergirl does cast very well - Melissa Supergirlactress and Tyler Superman are excellently cast. I also like GuywhoplaysMartianManhunterandCyborgSuperman at the same time. He is very good. Also Melissa Supergirlactress’ sister, Super SisterActress, is quite the actor - her coming out episode was wonderfully done.

All in all, they’re a great cast of folk.


Fun little series of videos I found:


All put together, the casts have ridiculous skill sets! Who was funny on the set? The Hawkman dude. Nyssa dances and sings Broadway stuff with Barrowman - who is a catastrophe all by himself. Interesting stuff.