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DC Television Thread


Promo for next week’s episode:

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I want to like that.

The make-up and suit looks expensive, but like make-up and a suit.

And it wont matter if they tell good stories and tell them well.

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I’m cool with all that.
But the first trailer was just so bad.
That’s what is putting me off.


DC is doing a Swamp Thing tv series? Cool!


Deathstroke is coming to the CW Digital platform CW Seed. During the CW upfront presentation, the network’s President Mark Pedowitz unveiled two upcoming series for CW Seed, animated series Deathstroke, centered on the DC superhero, and The Pledge , which comes from the producers of the Saw horror franchise.


I like the look of Batwoman, seems very like the Rucka comics, which I approve of :smiley:

The comments and down votes are as depressing as they are expected. What the fuck is wrong with people?


You read the comments!?

Well, there’s your problem.


Caity Lotz asking the questions that need to be asked:


And thank you, Mr. Cryer.