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DC Television Thread


Because he’s so clearly terrible that the period of apprehension is over and the grief period will begin?

(I don’t watch the show, so I’m not really entitled to an opinion, but I thought he was terrible in that clip.)


Too little in the clip to judge really, but I thought he was ok. Something about the way he delivered some of those lines reminded me of Hackman, so that’s a point in his favour :wink:

I still think it was a mistake to cast Luthor in the show. I can see why they did it – same reason they re-use all of Superman’s old villains, she just doesn’t have much of a rogue’s gallery of her own in the comics. But he worked much better as just a name looming over things.


I think it’s okay to add him, but Cryer is an odd choice, especially as he’s only five years younger than Brenda Strong playing his mother. I think an actor closer in age to the rest of the cast would have worked better.


I hadn’t thought of that. But he’s supposed to have been opposing Superman for the last 15-ish years, and must have been an established corporate mogul before that, so he can’t realistically be all that young. I would expect someone in his late 40s. Though in flashbacks to Lena’s childhood, there was only a few years between them I seem to recall. No idea how old Katie McGrath is, but I doubt she’s 40+

Basically, they’ve screwed up their entire chronology by not planning to include him from the start. Which is another reason why it’s perhaps best not to include him.


I think it would have worked with him in his late 30s. Corporate moguls are young these days.



Actually, in the flashback of them meeting, Lex was a teenager and Lena was about four.



Well, this is disconcerting:



“Though he’s not a big name in Hollywood, Man, who self-identifies as deaf, genderqueer and a queer artist,”

That’s some piss poor writting… I hope… :smile:


See if he self identifies as deaf…is he fuckin deaf or not?
Finding it difficult to navigate these waters of complete and utter fantasy bullshit



I’m sorry, could you repeat that?


Genuine question

Is this a thing now?

Identifying as having a disability when you don’t have a disability? Struggling to keep up.

Or is it just poorly worded by CBR?

I tend to ignore this shit as best I can but maybe best to stay semi aware in case I go into work tomorrow and try talking to someone who now identifies as deaf, who wasn’t deaf yesterday, and end up offending them and getting the sack.


No, it’s not a thing.


:+1: thanks !


Unfortunately CBR recently started identifying as not being able to write for shit.