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DC Television Thread


The high point of the series was… I think season 5… when they went against the 4 horsemen and then against Lucifer. After that it just goes into repeat mode.



I think they mean Smallville


They don’t.




The last season of Arrow has actually been better than the last few. Oliver is a lot less tortured emotionally and with its latest reveal, it has me intrigued. we now have one of the top TV heartthrob super heroes of the 90s facing one of the top tv heartthrob super heroes of the 2010s. Who will win? Duncan Macleod or Oliver Queen? Paul looks very good for 60.


He’s no Connor MacLeod


Well, there can be only one.



do you believe they are only 2yrs apart? and I don’t know but Duncan looks a little bit more immortal than Connor.


I mean, one won the Prize




Arrow verse.






I still like Flash & Black Lightning has its moments, but if they can keep up the crazy in Legends, I’ll stick around. Supergirl can go away



Starting to have less apprehension about Jon Cryer as Lex Luthor:



I think it’s going to be a great scene-chewing Easter egg-fest!

Just saw Cryer on Live with Kelly and Regis and Kathy Lee and Some Guy and the short clip they showed had depth. (Although I’m going to have a hard time not thinking of him as “grown-up Lenny”.)