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DC Television Thread



Avalance shippers rejoice!


Arrow is ending


It was time, I guess.


That hasn’t stopped Supernatural… u_u


Figured that. Amell has been dwindling in social media presence, and the twist in “ElseWorlds” spells an end to that version of the character. Let’s go out on a high note!


I mean, there’s really nowhere to go but up with the Arrowverse stuff.


OK, so it’s now confirmed Arrow is ending. Now to see if LoT is ending.

And another The Flash rumor I’ve heard: Now Tom Cavanaugh may be leaving, too.



Eh, not before time, frankly. Though how CW cancelled this while Supernatural keeps on going, I don’t know.


Does anyone on here watch Supernatural ?

I keep meaning to go back to it and it’s now on Prime


Watched the first few seasons, gave up during the Lovecraft one, and then only watched the Scooby-Doo crossover.


Is it as bland as the CW DC stuff

I remember watching it when it first came out and I thought it was very derivative but quite good


Derivative but okay is the best way to put the first couple of seasons.
And then it just gets boring and repetitive and backtracking…so, yeah classic CW


I think it’s @Jacowboy’s favourite.


The first 5 seasons of Supernatural were pretty fun, but they told a pretty complete story so I never continued past that. It’s insane that it’s gone on 10 seasons beyond that now.


Amell’s goodbye message. He’s emotional.


I envy you. I felt like season 5 was the natural end at the time, but I kept with it til the start of season 10 or 11 (the one with the Darkness) and just got fed up.


Better late than never


I actually liked it for a while… but it really starts getting SUPER repetitive at some point, so I stopped watching. Gotta say, the actors are all great though, they’re the ones keeping the series afloat.


He’s not wrong. The show was nothing new but for 5 seasons it was a lot of fun.
I quit mid season 7 though. That was bad :frowning: