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DC Television Thread


Doesn’t look bad, but also not like they leaned enough into the weird.

I do hope they do the Candlemaker storyline at some point down the line. Casting Dalton would really pay off then.




The DOOM PATROL is one of my favorite new shows with just two episodes, but - in keeping with the show’s strangeness - there are weird, little things nobody mentions about DOOM PATROL.

(this is a little spoilery)

  1. Rita came to Calder in the 50’s, Larry in the 60’s, Jane in the 70’s and Cliff in the 80’s.
    A. That means that Calder is at least 95-100 years old and so is Rita.
    B. Jane is at least 50
    C. No one came to Calder between Cliff in 1988 and Vic appearing in 2019. What happened to the 90’s and 00’s?

  2. When Jane returns, it has been at least 30 years since she was last there as Cliff has never met or heard or her, but Larry and Rita act like she does this all the time.

  3. Calder has apparently not left the house for any significant trips out of town since Cliff arrived in 1988, but when he leaves for the first time after Jane arrives, Rita, Jane and Larry recite his farewell line like he does it all the time.
    A. Also, why leave right after the most volatile member of the team shows up and has only been there a few weeks at most? How does this feel “safe?”

  4. Again, since they make such a big deal of his leaving, it is clear that he has not left the house since Cliff arrived, so how does he have any relationship with Vic who wasn’t even born when Niles saved Cliff?


Gar (aka Beast Boy) came to him during that period of time. Then he left to hang with Dick Grayson and Raven and the Titans. But yeah, the characters ages are really weird.


Ah - I haven’t seen the Titans show. Any good?

So how old is Gar, then? 30’s?


Titans is uneven, but I had fun with it. It’s better than I thought it was going to be. Gar is a teenager, so he likely came into the house a couple years prior. Don’t remember if Titans mentions that, actually , so there’s still a solid 20 years where no one new showed up that we know about.


Current rumor is that Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are set to be cancelled after next season


Arrow is no loss but LoT is just getting love how insane it went.


They could always retroactively introduce Mento.
Especially if they ever clarify what went down with Beast Boy.


Other rumors:

Supergirl might be getting cancelled.

Danielle Panabaker might be leaving The Flash


They should just end Arrow, Flash, and Supergirl then launch a Justice League series.


Please no… The Justice League name has suffered enough… u_u


Watched episode 2 of the Doom Patrol.
It’s very, very bad. Crazy Jane does not work on TV at all and the swearing seems like it was written by a 12 year old.
This makes me very sad.


Why did you think she didn’t work out? She seemed fine to me…

Also, is this an adaptation of a particular Grant Morrison story? For those who know…


I haven’t watched the 2nd episode yet, but the inclusion of Jane and Mr. Nobody would make me think they might be doing some loose adaptation of The Painting That Ate Paris.


How does mr Nobody look?


Honestly, not very good… passable, but that’s about it… when it comes to full-on FX, instead of the practical effects, it shows its low budget quite badly… buuut it’s mostly practical, so it’s not as bad. Mind you, it’s about on par with the FX displayed on all the CW shows, bu tthe production is overall better.

However the character is fun, and sounds very Morrison-like (hence my question) as does the whole Jane/underground stuff, plus the general zanyness so far.


It’s very clearly using Morrison’s run, even down to the Chief constantly nibbling chocolate, but it just doesn’t work for me. The writers don’t have the ear for either the characters or the tone.
The comics surrealism comes off as try hard zany. And Mr Nobody comes across as really annoying.
Which makes me sad.


Eh, it works for me well enough… though I’ll admit Mr. Nobody’s narration does come off a bit too tryhard-y, buuut it’s done a good job of setting a self-aware silly tone for the show, so it doesn’t bother me as much.

All in all, much like with Titans, it’s still miles above any of those CW drecky shows.