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DC Television Thread


It’s a shame… I mean, there IS a Titans show… why not put him in there? =/


It’s a good thing they recast the chief. The guy in Titans was a bloody travesty.


He was so bad. I have no idea how he got cast in the first place, it was jarringly awful.



No, the other one is Negative Man.


Do you really not see Cyborg in the poster, or are you just being facetious?


Do you really see Cyborg in the poster, or are you being facetious?


It’s kind of weird to have Timothy Dalton playing Cyborg, but ok.


Just because he’s in a wheelchair doesn’t make him a cyborg.


Cyborg is the one in the dress, right?


It does seem like a bit much to have Robotman, Cyborg and a Terminator all in the same team .


Technically it does, he’s using technological augmentation after all.


peering at Lorcan over my glasses

I’ll be back.


It’s not a part of him. At best he’s dressing up as a cyborg and you know how they feel about people doing metalface.


Snootiest Terminator ever.


It’s so far past time to cast MWers as Titans and the Doom Patrol.

The Chief … The Chief

See how easy? Carry on.


Well he can’t function without it! You’re just subscribing to a narrow and outmoded definition of cyborg.


He can function without it. You’re just subscribing to narrow and outmoded definition of functional.


Just because some wheelchair users are able to stand or walk for short periods of time doesn’t mean they can operate without one!


Who said anything about standing or walking? They can all crawl.