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DC Television Thread


By the way: don’t do a google image search on “dream girl” without adding “legion of super-heroes” :confused:


Yeah maybe it doesn’t have amazing fights, or amazing CGI, but the lightning is aces (although they do have an annoying filter), what I meant is that it looks like a movie. Also I said DD season 2, I should’ve specified the 2nd half… you know, the shit half… =P




It’s weird to me that they’re apparently going all in on Deathstroke stuff for season 2 considering season 1 didn’t really have an ending. Not sure when they’ll find the time to wrap up season 1 AND give enough time for Deathstroke, Jericho, and Ravager. That’s not to mention the post credit stinger season 1 had.


Well, the first season not having an ending was due to about 2 episodes worth of subplots being cut, and the actual finale being pushed to the second season premiere.

So I figure that’ll deal with it.
Probably gonna be rushed as hell, but I’m interested in the Deathstroke stuff.


Gotta love this dynamic:


Okay, that’s fair enough then!



I like it… something weird going on with the neck/shoulders part and the fake boobage is a bit too obvious, but it looks quality. Hopefully the bottom part is good too.



I’m delighted that Young Justice is as good as it’s ever been. I was worried for the first few episodes.



Young Justice fans until June:




Anyone with red hair on this show is my guess for Per Degaton.



Is Cyborg now in every DC team except the Teen Titans? :confused:


That’s Robotman, not Cyborg.


They’re both in the poster.