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DC Television Thread


Did I miss something? Why does Thawn have Wells face in the future?


That Batmobile is badass… first time I see one that succesfully updates the TV show classic. It’s like a fusion of the 60’s show one and the animated series one.

Yeah I was a bit disappointed they didn’t go for it in a couple of scenes, instead they went for some shitty blurry censoring. I mean, considering how violent it can get, it’s almost an R show, but I guess they wanna keep it PG by not showing boobs and dicks… uh cocks… they show plenty of dick I guess :smile:


Titans is definitely a R rated show based just on how often they drop the F Bomb.

But yeah, I enjoyed how over the top violent it was. I don’t even know why, but the show entertained me quite a bit. I won’t argue that it’s a good show, by any means, but I’m down for another season.


Is it rated R though? I’ve no idea how they’ve rated it in their streaming service.

I’ll say it’s a good show. It’s not like the hottest thing ever, but honestly, there was A LOT more good than bad, and the production quality is top notch. It’s definetly the best DC live TV show I’ve ever seen, and it’s on par with a DDS2, for exemple. I’m definetly down for season 2…

I’m not too hoepful about Doom Patrol though, but hope I’ll be surprised.


Is there any nudity at all?

The answer to this might move it up my priority list…


There’s a brief scene were you see some bare ass from a couple characters. But that’s it.


That’s some bullshit

Early Game of Thrones showed exactly what to do if you want to create some buzz and get a big audience for R rated material - and even that show has lost its bottle now the audience is captive


There’s also a full frontal scene for Dawn and Hank, but it’s very dark and they blurr the naughty bits too…


Yeah (as was said) a brief scene, but naughtier would’ve fit right in.


Honestly I just want them to show Dick’s dick if only for the headlines… =P


This I can’t understand at all - violence and swearing but blur the nudity. It doesn’t make sense, who are they protecting and from what?


I don’t know man, americans are whack… =P

I’d much rather they showed T&A than gore, but that’s just me… Funny thing is that as years go by, the violence gets more hardcore and they still manage to get away with it… but ohhhh don’t show a nipple 'cause then that’s baaaad… :roll_eyes:


Well, Young Justice is no longer a kids’ show. I mean, they got away with a bit before, but now even more so.



There is brief nudity in the new Suicide Squad animated. That’s a pretty hardcore movie


Only link I could find. Needless to say, it’s NSFW


I didn’t think the production quality was top-notch at all. A lot of it just looked cheap, the fights were staged sloppily, the direction and acting is often shoddy… it may be the best DC live TV show, but it’s miles away from Daredevil or Punisher, or Legion.


Hell to Pay had the first cartoon male strippers I’ve ever seen. That he was Dr. Fate was even better, lol!



While I agree with your sentiment, the obsessive fan within me is compelling me to point out that this was the original design: