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It’s CBR, so this kinda sensationalism you can expect:


Not bothering to read the link, but it probably is true. Just the levels of storytelling between the early 90’s and now in cartoons are night and day.
Batman probably still has better single episodes though.


Really enjoyed last night’s Gotham.

Come on! Selina kicks the Main Mutant Boss’ Ass straight out of Dark Knight Returns? Epic!


Been enjoying the new season of Young Justice.


I missed out on Young Justice when it first aired, so I’ve been working my way through it now. About halfway through season 2 and I’m really digging it. Signed up for the DCU service on a whim after I cancelled another service I wasn’t using. After a slow start they’ve finally been adding shows and comics I’ve been looking to check out for a while, so it’s been a good time.




Watched the first episode of Titans and man, that was like being shouted at THIS IS NOT YOUR DADDY’S SUPERHEROES for 50 minutes. Yeah yeah yeah, you do ultra-violence and all that, fine. But it all doesn’t look great, the fight scenes are kinda choppy (Arrow had those down better from the start) and having half the team being psychopath killers seems a little bit over the top. Also, I wish they hadn’t used CGI blood, it just looks daft.

Started on ep 2 and kind of liked Hawk and Dove.


I enjoyed Titans more than I thought I would. It definitely feel like a show that benefits from being watched in big chunks though. I’m surprised they released it weekly in the states. The pacing just dosent feel suited to it.


I felt it being weekly worked fine.



This was kinda funny:

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You’re still wrong though =P

It IS better suited to bingewatch. Those episode endings are so sudden and obviously meant to continue right away.




nice of them to incorporate a little of the original design into the look of the tv version


Watched some more Titans, and it really is such shoddy, badly made TV. Contrasting it with The Punisher made that really, really clear.

The assassin family was a nice idea, but that scene where they torture and murder Dick’s partner was just so exaggeratedly sadistic. It’s like you’re watching a 13-year-old’s idea of a Tarantino movie.


I loved Titans. The violence and swearing worked for me.
Now if only we can add more nudity…