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DC Television Thread


Not really.
I think it hangs well enough on a weekly basis. This had issues beyond that.




It’s amazing.
I’ve never seen two low bars have equal merit.



New BTS look at Cyborg

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Looks better than the film version.


No it doesn’t… :smile:

At least not the face…


Oh wait, Cyborg is part of Doom Patrol? Isn’t that a little redundant, what with Robotman? I mean, thematically, it seems like the whole body issues would be pretty much the same.


Yeah the inclusion of Cyborg in Doom Patrol is a head scratcher. No idea why he’s there instead of in Titans.


Pff yeah I mean, why is DC so intent from retconning him out of the Titans? He’s like the soul of the team… =/


Just got done watching Titans & I just gotta say that I totally enjoyed the episodes with Hawk & Dove. The Doom Patrol was great too.
Was the end credit scene Suppose to be Bizzaro or Superboy? Looked to big to be Superboy, but there was a Krypto


Pshh I totally didn’t see the post-credits thing… I just did: Definetly a Superman clone… might be Superboy, but it did look like a Cavill-sized body type, not a teenager.

Also, the way they censored the naughty bits… erm… yeah… lazy :smile:




Gotham Season 5: Legend of the Dark Knight - Part 1: Year Zero -

Well, this was a great premiere. It’s probably set off the season to be the best since the second.
Not that I didn’t enjoy Seasons 3 and 4, but they were always a bit more shakey. Season 2 was a very well done season, and this kicks things off on a very similar tone. With the overriding nature that there is a plan in play - but not letting that get in the way of Gotham’s signature chaos and rollercoaster ride. So much to love about this premiere and I can’t believe that there’s only 12 episodes left. It’s going to be quite a ride.



Some seconds of Watchmen:



Canadians can watch Young Justice: Outsiders on Teletoon.
2 episodes every Sunday night (starting this Sunday).