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The problem with that is that Supergirl’s stories for the last few seasons have all been based on there being a large number of aliens (probably millions?) living on her Earth. If they just wipe them all out, there’s not much of a show there anymore.

I guess they could add aliens to the other shows, but it would be a pretty major change either way.


True, but Arrow does fairly well ignoring a lot of meta-human stuff in Flash, so it might work.


Or they just change up those shows. Arrow has to end sometime soonish anyway, and Flash could handle alien threats in that show just fine. It wouldn’t be a big departure from metahumans.


I like Legends, but I can see CW taking the opportunity to end it, especially in a spectacular way.


Why? it may be the most popular Arrowverse show. It is definitely the most fun.


It’s not the most popular. They even make jokes about how low their ratings are.


Yeah, I was gonna say, this season started with them pointing out that the magical stuff might help them turn around their low ratings.


“People do love the Supernatural!”


OK not popular, but definitely fun

this proves my point about the fun. Flash, Arrow, and SG rely too much on the drama and less on the comic in comic book shows.


counter argument: supernatural




Finished watching the Crisis on earth x. Crossover

When I say watching, it was on in the background and the fast forward button was hit a few times

Is the Elseworlds crossover any better?

Feel like I’m in a constant loop of wanting to enjoy these shows, trying to watch them, enjoying an episode or two then quickly getting bored of them - mostly due to the writing


So, Titans Season 1 ended today.

Here’s a quick review of the season as a whole and then the finale.
Overall, it’s got its ups and downs, but it averages out to a really fun ride.
In parts. Apparently the show was made very haphazardly - especially in the second half - where scenes/subplots that were already filmed were being cut out or rearranged. You can barely notice it though for the majority of the season - so they did a good job there. The characters and their interactions keep the momentum going so much that it kinda helps that there is little to no fat.
And these dynamics that develop are pretty engaging - the standout one being Robin/Raven, who do end up being a surrogate parental/child unit and it works really effectively.

Tone-wise, the series captures the same style as, say, Gotham’s later seasons. The dark camp but does it much better since it’s there from the start. The third-to-last episode tries to play itself as a straight drama and is the one episode I would call genuinely bad. So, yeah - Robin was good (if a bit repetitive), Raven was great, and Starfire and Beast Boy all had their moments to shine and came off enjoyably.

The season finale is the season’s second weakest episode. Because that’s where the “cutting out entire subplots” catches up with the show. Originally the show was supposed to end/lead into a more definitive note. About three episodes of build-up were reportedly cut out - and this is supported by BTS footage that shows entirely and wildly different scenarios. But with all of that gone - the season instead has nothing to fall back on and ends on a bit of a whimper. The episode before it wouldn’t have been a great season finale either…but it at least had a major plot development where it could have been jury rigged to be one. This one was more or less another extended character piece for Robin…which has been been done many times already. Could have been condensed into 3 minutes - or a prologue for Season 2.

Yet, despite it all, Season 1 has a lot more going for it than not. I just wish that Season 2 was already shooting or something because it’s going to be a long wait. And it didn’t even end on a suitable bang haha. There’s a post-credits scene too - which is minor but has me excited.

Overall: 7/10



Haven’t watched the finale yet, but so far it’s been faaaar above any other DC tv show in terms of quality. Yes the writting has had a couple of dips, but in general this is more Netflix’ DD than the Berlanti-verse, or even Gotham. I’m kinda disapointed the show’s only 11 episodes though, I didn’t know this week’s was the last.

Oh and surprisingly, I really enjoyed their Hawk & Dove. I’m hoping they’ll join full time next season, since apparently we won’t get Cyborg or Wally… u_u


How dare you?
Titans is actually good.


Ah. So I guess Doom Patrol is going to be silly rather than weird and surreal.


It can be two things.



Yeah the Titans finale was not a good finale episode… but at this point it’s clear that they shot this as a binge-watch series, then they decided to release it weekly… plus I’m sure they’ve tinkered with the pace and I’m also pretty sure they didn’t show all the episodes they shot… clearly they wanted it to end with THAT particular episode for the obvious reason.

Still, not gonna complain too much, I’ve really enjoyed it overall and I’m actually looking forward to S2… good job on this one DC.