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DC Television Thread


McHale will play “Golden Age Starman” Sylvester Pemberton

No sign of any of the Knight family?



BossLogic fan art for next year’s crossover:


Nice fan art, but I’m quite sure it will be Supergirl carrying Superman’s corpse, and the series will end with Alex and Kara raising their super-nephew.



Is it just me that’s really enjoying this season of Legends? It’s just plain old fun.


Oh you’re not the only one. The producers have thoroughly embraced the crazy.


Yeah, I felt like the last episode really got into the whole “Elseworld” stories more than the crossover.

Edit: it would have been funny if they included the Legends in the crossover & we got to see Brandon Routh back in the blue & red tights



Mostly opinion, some significant dates at the end.

Supergirl returns Jan. 20, Arrow and Black Lightning return Jan. 21, The Flash returns Jan. 15 and Legends of Tomorrow returns in April, all on The CW; Gotham returns Jan. 3 on Fox.



Not sure if it’s been posted upthread but Titans series 1 will be on Netflix in the UK and Ireland on January 11th


My theory for how Crisis on Infinite Earths can begin.

A woman breaches on to Earth-1 with 2 kids. She rushes into a building, sits down exhausted & we see that it’s Jitters & there’s a highlight news reel featuring Flash to help establish it’s Earth-1. This is also where we see that the women is Gypsy. Then we see Monitor on his platform, as if watching everything, & says “It begins.”
Monitor gathers up the heroes & takes them to Gypsy. This is where she tells them that she not from their set of Earths (& that Cisco from her world was her husband)& that her universe was destroyed by her Monitor (Anti-Monitor), & this universe’s Monitor backs her story by saying that he watched it happen (learning that there are infinite worlds) & that this is what he was preparing them for.
That’s just my idea on how Crisis on Infinite Earths starts. I just dreamt it so I had to put it down before I forgot. I thought it was funny.


And congratulations are in order:


I always assumed he was gay for some reason.


He played a gay character on Glee.


I never watched Glee so yeah that probably explains it.



The UK airings have caught up to the mid-season break now (well, Legends is on tonight).

I quite enjoyed Elseworlds. The jabs at the movie-verse Superman in episode 3 were a lot of fun. The guy playing Superman on these shows, Tyler something, is the best screen Superman of the 21st century, imo. Looks the part, can do the cheesy heroic stuff, but feels relatable as Clark.

I liked the take on Gotham and Bat stuff too, although I did think they were mentioning “the Bat-man” as urban myth early on to pass off Batwoman and the first and only Bat-person on Earth 1, with people just assuming it had to be a man doing it all.

COTIE should be interesting. I get the feeling they’ll use it as a way of thinning out the supporting casts/heroes (the Hawks for instance will be easy casualties to sell the importance of it all), ditch most of the Legends and cancel that and merge Supergirl’s Earth into the main Arrowverse.




I can see Legends doing a meta-arc for COIE called “Zero Hour: Crisis in Time”.
Don’t watch these shows…but that seems like the thing to do.