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New Elseworlds Photos



Well that news made the Netflix news a whole lot more platable :smile:


I honestly thought it was renewed a while back. So it’s good news, but I had no idea it was still up in the air.


I’m pretty sure it was.


Nail on the head for me.

When I heard about this season’s crossover being Elseworlds it reignited my desire to go catch up on the previous seasons of the shows.

Now I’ve read the synopsis it seems like a massively wasted opportunity

To be honest, I’m not surprised given Guggenheim’s involvement. Even his comics work is some of the most run of the mill, uncreative, unimaginative stuff going.

I fail to see how he has been constantly in work. He’s bland.


What’s the Netflix news ?


Daredevil has been canceled.


Oh get to fuck man seriously!!!???



At this point, it’d be really frustrating if they didn’t get to finish the story.

That said, I think one more season is probably all they need to finish it? There’s probably anough bits and pieces in the story to make it last a bit longer, but it might be for the best if the next season is also the last one.


Yeah it might be best… as sad as I would be… But hey, I’ll take 2 more seasons gladly. Not more than 5 total though.



They’ve already got Manchester Black. So, I guess it’s official: live action Elite.



I watched Legends last night and it was great. Constantine broke time repeatedly and every time the Legends morphed into a cheesy 70s style TV show. They even referenced the crossover and Nate’s response was paraphrased must be the crossover, not going to bother.:grin:



I saw this last night and thought about the combination of Doctor Destiny and Psycho Pirate. From Psycho Pirate’s wiki page comes this little gem.

After the resolution of the Crisis, Psycho-Pirate is one of the few to have full memories of the event.

so the combo of these two will be very interesting.

Also, that trailer brings up big questions. To do it right, they are going to need a HUGE budget so are they going to get that amount? Are Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin’s contracts up next year? because they have been saying for years that Flash disappears in the crisis and there is this.
Are they going to continue seeding universes with heroes to have the massive cast that the comic book series had? 1990s Flash mentions that his Diggle has a GL ring, are they going proceed with that story point? Will they have found their Batman by next year? Hmmmm.


I wouldn’t be surprised if they reverse that image with Kara holding a dead Superman. And The Flash has changed time so many times at this point that I’d expect his disappearance to be immediately followed by a Rebirth.