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DC Television Thread





I wonder if Wally is gonna show up… I’m thinking Cyborg is a no-go, but I’m glad Donna will be there.

And I also hope they’ll actually show Batman properly, but probably not… u_u


Oddly, Cyborg is slated for the Doom Patrol series.


huh really? That’s weird… Oh well, hopefully he’ll switch shows, he should be with the Titans…


Yeah, it was a really weird decision to put Cyborg in Doom Patrol instead of Titans. Not sure why DC insists on putting Cyborg in every other team except the one he helped define.



Yeah, not going to dignify the writer of that article by reading it. Cisco is deeply ingrained in Team Flash. It’s as impossible to think of the team without him as it is the absence of the latest variant on Harrison Wells. Not gonna happen.


What? Is Cavanagh not on the show anymore???


Stephen Amell is teasing a Smallville crossover.
Please…kill me.


Well, we’ve got John Wesley Shipp putting on the old 90’s Flash costume again.


Which only underlines how moronic their use of him previously was on so many levels.

I want more Smallville, but not as part of more Arrowverse trash.


But, but…



And yet no Earth where the CW has good writing or Amell can act.


Still haven’t watched Black Lightning, huh?


But from what I hear it’s more or less it’s own thing sorta like iZombie.


Rest assured he is. This season he’s got a silly accent and doing a kind of French Sherlock Holmes. Still not running a law practice out of a bowling alley again, but getting closer…


That’d be too good for the stinky CW… :smile:


Entertainment Weekly recently put together a list of the CW’s ten best shows across its existence…Yeah, this is one network that has never really…stretched itself creatively?