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DC Television Thread


I just watched Mears’ Friday the 13th today; he could be a good choice.


Mears has done a ton of creature work for years now. He was the Creeper in Jeepers Creepers too.


Was he?
I thought that was Jonathan Breck.

I do know he was remake-Jason, which already puts him in my good books.


Looks like you’re right. He must have had a shaved head when I met him and so I’ve always confused him with Mears.


It’s a great character, one of my all time favourites. The Titan books collections of Moore, Bissette and Totleben’s stories were what got me back into reading comics many years ago.

I hope Mears turns out to be another Doug Jones; a really good actor who needs a strong role to showcase their talent.


The emotion put into his Jason gives me a lot of hope.
The one time I ever felt anything for the character.





Bold of them to post a blank list


That made me quiver with laughter.


It’s certainly on point.


I wish I was good at puns. You guys make me green with envy.


Yet, here you are coming up with one in a flash!


I really enjoyed that comic, it ended far too early



Yes I want that very much please!


2 Things about Titans:

That actor who played Niles Caulder or whatever his name is was REALLY bad… and did a HORRIBLE accent. That doesn’t bode well for the upcoming Doom Patrol series.

Secondly, Jason Todd’s haircut deserves to die… u_u

Toher than that it’s been pretty good.


That actor will be replaced with Timothy Dalton in the spin off show.
Are you back in yet? :smile: :smiley:


I mean, he’s the only actor from the pilot that won’t be in the show.
They even quickly redubbed the episode with Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser’s voices so he’s the only odd man out.

And other than that…the Doom Patrol episode was pretty great