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DC Television Thread


Give or take a castmember or two.
I wonder if they got Bomer and Fraser to do the VA work for their characters in this one.


Well that spoiler didn’t last long :confused:


You’re thinking of this one?


Apologies David, I didn’t think that was a spoiler, I actually wondered why miqque had blurred it out.

My bad that was really absent minded of me


Not a problem, I didn’t think it was a spoiler either. I just thought your stealth un-spoilering was amusing :slight_smile:



That’s fairly faithful to the comics appearance.



My husband and I watch The Flash and we’ve noticed that Jesse L. Martin has been sitting down in all of his scenes. Are we crazy or is he injured? –Rachel
No, you are not crazy but perceptive – though this week we did see Joe leaning in a doorway at the CCPD. I’m hearing that Martin suffered a back injury over the hiatus. In fact, a studio rep confirms for TVLine that the actor will be taking a medical leave from the CW hit, adding: “We wish him a full and speedy recovery and look forward to his return as Detective Joe West.” (It’s unclear at this time exactly when and for how long Joe’s absence will be felt on screen, but sources tell me it will be addressed at some point.)


From the same article:

Have you got any info on TItans ? –Ben
This Friday’s episode of the DC Universe team-up series introduces Doom Patrol, and thus offers a solid showcase for Beast Boy. “That’s his surrogate family,” Ryan Potter, who plays Gar, notes. “ElastiGirl is his surrogate mother, Robot Man is kind of like his older brother…. Negative Man is kind of like my uncle….” You get the picture.


Not only that, I’d bet Jesse Martin was CGI’ed standing. I looked carefully, I see no signs of stroke at all. But I’ve had a back injury (I may have mentioned that) and he looks 100% in back pain. I wish him the very best!



Still no.


An old article but still good:





Always kinda liked the Brave & Bold strongman yutz Aquaman. Funny.