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DC Television Thread


My kids have hardly watched any of the old Teen Titans, but they show up so regularly on TTG that they’re very familiar with them anyway. I think they’ll enjoy this.


Yeah, you could really see that they were starting to hit their stride and that this had the potential to become really, really good.



I figured David Byrne’s Alzheimer’s might be getting old.



Supergirl spoiler.



Batwoman looks amazing



Amell says this explains the crossover in one photo.


Elseworlds keeps getting crazier…



Pfff there’s only one Man of Steel worth discussing… and that’s not it… u_u


Gosh, Sam Witwer sounds a lot like Ty Burrell. Although I think Burrell himself would’ve made that episode a lot different…


Yeah, Christopher Reeve’s performance in the original Superman movie is the only one worth talking about. :wink:


Not this?



7 epsiodes into season 4 of the flash and so far it is the best season of the lot.

I gave up on this show along with arrow last year after watching the first epsiode of both their new seasons and being bored

Upon watching again, that first episode of season 4 remains boring, however it quickly got better

Episode 7, “I think therefore” gives us the origin of The Thinker and it’s one of the best epsiodes of the flash to date. Really well written I found it gripping.

I’m now looking forward to the ‘crisis’ crossover with the other 4 shows as an interlude


That was absolutely a great episode, and it pushed the series in directions it had never considered before, although the Thawne stuff in the first season was pretty close. Supergirl just tried to do something similar, but I think it kind of missed the point.