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DC Television Thread


I suspect if you’re hating the first episode then the series isn’t really for you. The pilot is neither the best nor worst the series has to offer, but I’d say it’s a good enough indicator if it offers anything you’re likely to enjoy. I personally find it entertaining enough, but based on your comments I’d say move on to something else.


I would agree with this. I like the series, but if you didn’t like the first episode then I can’t think of anything coming up that’s going to change your mind.

Unless you’re a closet Legion of Super-Heroes fan :wink:



Tried watching Supergirl again, too, last night. Honestly, it feels like a show they try to film in as few takes as possible, regardless of the quality they get from the actors.




Look, this is the only reason you need to watch the show:

How many people does surfer bro Aquaman save? Hmm? Hmmm? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yeah, I made it about halfway through the 3rd episode… I just couldn’t take no more… u_u

Also, that picture with old-school 90’s Flash in it ALMOST made me want to watch that episode… then I saw the rest of it :smile:


Techincally, billions by defeating Steppin’wolf, but fuck that movie… :smile:


He didn’t defeat Steppenwolf Superman and Cyborg did. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Not that this Arrow costume isn’t incredibly comfortable, but I’m pretty jealous that @stephenamell is wearing my Flash suit in a picture with @johnwesleyshippjr wearing his OG Flash suit. WHAT’S GOING ON!?


Arrow - Dang solid episode, and glad they are giving Felicity a personality.

Legends - Continues to be fun. They did a great job on Woodstock. (Budgets kill, so one takes what one gets. Let’s just not notice this is the same field where they fought multiple Zooms.)

Bab 5 - We find Bab 4.

What are you watching? 2018 edition

HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! And Teen Titans Go, does it again.



It’s all first-24 now. I can’t bet on those numbers. Stephen Amell has about 2 million followers. I’d hate to be Flash and Black Lightning tonight, up against the World Series (which will also be reported as a ratings nightmare). I smell hokum.


Compared to the other networks, the ratings for CW shows are never high to begin with.


They seem to do well in streaming though. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has literally been the lowest-rated show on TV, but apparently it’s the most popular show on Netflix in California,for example.


Just saw the episode of Constantine with “Jim Corrigan”. Wasn’t sure if they were just using the name as an Easter Egg, or it would be a plot point. Then, right at the end, I said “And now she will see the Spectre.” And I was right, of course :smiley:

I’m still really liking this series. Shame it got cancelled.



I feel like this might cause some heads to explode.



Let me guess, it’s all Control Freak’s fault. :slight_smile: