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DC Television Thread


I wonder if one of those tweets is mine.


Probably. Caity likes me.


Watch and see if any of them sound familiar.


Honestly I haven’t clicked the link or know anything about this.
Saw ‘Manchester Black’ and don’t know what to think.
I hope it’s done right.
Actually, it’s another possible Superman show character they’re taking…


It’s a great season of the series. Hopefully you like the Thinker as much as I did, too.



Honestly, I’m enjoying Titans. It’s absurdly grim dark but I’m having fun with it.


So am I.
It’s silly, but it’s also pretty evenly written and acted.
Raven and Robin’s whole dynamic and bonding is really good.




No. Just…just…no.

This is not Bane. This is bootleg Darth Vader.


Nah, it’s Cobra Commander from The Rise of Cobra.
But seriously, Gotham has earned the benefit of the doubt a dozen times over by now.


Metallo-Bane Blue. Now from Hasbro!


Do not mock DARK INVADER! He is a classic character from the beloved SPACE WARFARE movie series!


Love the article title:


I’m trying to watch Supergirl again.

Trying being the operative word

I’m on the first epsiode - does it get better or is the dialogue always this bad and cast this annoying?
I feel like I’m watching Gossip Girl or something equally as shite.


The first episode of the first season?

The series has ups and downs, but mostly it’s all as consistently awesome as it was at the start :heart_eyes:


Of the first season?
It only gets worse.

Of any other season?
It only gets worse.




Up and down, really. Depends who’s writing, who’s directing - usual stuff. Mostly fluff. Sort of like eating cotton candy with the occasional nutritious hot dog.


First epsiode of the first season it is

I’m thinking judging by the comments from you guys that this is not something worth persevering with

I’ll think just watch the crossover episodes

Although I’ve just read David’s comment again and I’ve realised he’s actually been really positive about it

Anyone else got anything to add?