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DC Television Thread


I still maintain that Taboo with Tom Hardy is about one of Bruce Wayne’s ancestors.




Mullet or FTFO :joy::joy:


That’s one ugly costume… however I’m actually interested in why are Amell and Grant both wearing the same pants, chain and boots… :smile:


I’d bet Amell took Gustin out to get them (if they’re not wardrobe). Dunno why, but I think Stephen is more used to snow?


I say that’s a Silk Spectre successor!

Seriously, I mean, she’s the one with the black and yellow spandex colour scheme. And there’s no way in a post-squid world they’d have gone with a sexy girl outfit for that character, so this seems like it makes sense.


im not sure. the patch on the jacket says Arrow Costumes. Maybe he is hiding something underneath.


Wallet chains?
Boots and black trousers?
They’re hiding Linkin Park t shirts



Even for LoT this is fucking nuts :smiley:


What the what?

I know I’ve said this before, but I am starting to mean: Looks like I have to get in on Legends of Tomorrow.


Skip the first two seasons.
Maybe the third is good.


About 1/3 of season 3 is good, but it’s NUTS :smiley: ep 10 to the end.

I liked season 2, mostly…


Season 2 was going okay…but then “Classic CW Unlikable and Melodramatic Plots” rear their head and I decided to drop it. Like all their shows.


Right. Given that currently, it’s only seasons 1 and 2 that are on German amazon, it looks like I’ll wait some more.


Season 3 isn’t good, exactly, but it’s where they finally embraced how damn ridiculous the show is and just had fun with it. And that made it was more entertaining. Because, really, the show is pretty dumb. But it’s become a very fun, self aware kind of dumb for me.


Following Amell on Twitter, he had this one tweet that said he is glad Grant doesn’t have a Twitter account so he can gush about how much fun he is having doing this year’s crossover. I thought it was a very random thing to say until I saw this poster.


Amell is never random. He is a very clever boy. He also owes me a bag of coffee.