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DC Television Thread




Yeah, wow, that looks terrible.

On the other hand, it’s got pretty much the same vibe as Suicide Squad, and that was apparently a smash hit, so…


Teen Titans Go still draws vitriolic responses online, but it’s still going strong so… I guess we’ll see.

Watch, it’s going to be a hit, lol!



Alright then. I’ll be able to take a look and tell for myself whether it’s as terrible as I thought it would be.


Yeah, everything I’ve seen from this looks pretty dire…But if it’s on Netflix, I’ll give the first episode a watch.


That sounds awesome.

I’m now a season behind the flash and arrow because I got a bit bored of them and needed a break, but I had actually planned to (re)watch episode 1 last years Flash today at some point, this Elseworlds crossover image has given me added impetus to do so.


Really?? Can I ask what the reasons are? It’s the best movie I watched this year, I had an absolute blast going to see it with the kids.
I don’t get it. What are they moaning about? Too funny?


It’s the same old gripes from when the show premiered: sour grapes over Young Justice; complaining about how it’s “silly” or not like the “old” Titans.

I love it. I loved the movie. My roommate, who’d never watched the show, actually went to the movie 10 bloody times, because he was overwhelmed by the number of pop culture references and was willing to put in all the re-watches to get them all. He enjoyed it just that much.


Yeah it was fantastic.

I’m picking it up on DVD as a present for the kids but it’s blatently a present for me.

I’d have gone for a second viewing gladly if I’d had more time, I can’t wait to watch it again. It was just ridiculous fun.

Assuming all the complaints are from adult fan-boys who don’t get it nor get that the film isn’t really for them in the first place (although it can very much be thoroughly enjoyed by anyone)?




Just finished Legends season 3.
Only bothered with it as I needed something to watch while recovering from food poisoning, and to be honest the first 10 episodes were nearly as bad as all the throwing up.
Then it got a whole lot better.
But how the defeated Malus? Well, it was a choice it guess :open_mouth:


First look at Krypton’s Lobo:


hey nice to see Rob Zombie getting some TV work…


This is going to work, I just know it.

It is a fine line, though. Aces, or internet ridicule. Nothing in between.

Fortune favors the bold…





That is a terribly cut trailer.