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DC Television Thread


They send her to Nebraska? That’s so cruel!


Spoilers Ahoy!


Why don’t they just call the character Jeremiah Arkham and be done with it?




I asked Brad if the TV Dibny knew what awaited him. No answer.



Cassandra Jean Amell as Mr. Freeze’s wife, Nora Fries.

it took him 7 seasons but he finally succumbed to giving his wife a role on his show.

Davies was the villain on the last season of Sleepy Hollow and I liked him a lot. Looking forward to this.

She is going from Shadowhunter to Longbow Hunter :wink:


And when Amell’s daughter gets hired we’ll have the first 5-6 year old supervillain.


I saw the first episode of Constantine (no idea why it’s taken so long to reach UK TV). I knew the character from Legends of Tomorrow, which is fairly lighthearted, so I was surprised how much overt horror there was in this. Which is what it should be, of course, but it was still a surprise.

Overall I liked it. It’s a good version of the character, and the episode was generally well made. Not totally essential viewing, but worth watching again.


Amazon had the initial UK rights, I think.


He is going to be on Legends this season so if you want to see him currently you can see him there


The man said good



Wasn’t that the theme of the last one?


Oh, pay attention!