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Costumes by Hot Topic.



Always been a fan of West. His role in Gotham, so the link eventually states, could be King Snake. Or Bane!


That shot is brighter than every single frame of the show that I’ve seen and now I understand why.

(Also, after making a big deal about cast a POC as Starfire why did they dress her like a stereotypical hooker?)

(Also, also, apparently Jason Todd is on the show too?)



That looks okay.


“We really took our inspiration from the Alan Moore run in Swamp Thing .”

Well, good.

I also hope this means that John Constantine shows up a lot.


She does kinda look like she and Jenna Dewan could be sisters.




i loved her on Grimm. She did such a great job. Her character went through 2 major transformations so while playing the same person she played 3 different personalities.


Thought Amy Adams did a solid job as Lois, good to see your recommendation.

Off to the List Thread!


I thought Amy Adams played Lois too timidly; Margot Kidder and Noel Neill both played her with attitude and gumption, the way I remember her from the comics.

Edited to include Teri Hatcher as another tough-as-nails Lois.


Don’t forget Dana Delany:


Wrong colour…well, everything really :expressionless: