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DC Television Thread


No data, and again Phyllis Coates was ignored.

If anyone is interested in how different television shows were made in the mid-Fifties, take a peek at Coates’ IMDb page, and just look at the roles 1952-1955. That’s how things rolled. Show up. Do your job. On to the next one!


One example of why BTAS Joker is perhaps one of the best, if not THE best, interpretations of the character:




Can’t DC even afford light bulbs in animation???

“Hello darkness my old friend…”


It’s a scene set in a warehouse at night, where dirty deeds are done (whether or not they’re done dirt cheap, I couldn’t tell you). The murkiness sets the mood.


I think I went over the edge with Netflix’ Daredevil. Now, my eyeballs are not that good right now, but I can still see (quite blurrily, mind) in the dark. This is not “in the dark”. This is unlit. There are light sources. DC and Marvel and the CW have all found it profitable to shoot scenes damned near in the dark to mask the level of production values. I can forgive that for television budgets. I absolutely do not forgive it in animation. It stinks of pinching pennies at the expense of the audience.

Is it a visual experience if I cannot SEE it?

Ever heard of day-for-night, ya cretins?


I understand smoking pot is good for cataracts.


Must be good for cataracts - had both eyes done 4-5 years ago, and the right is ready to get done again (and with a much better lens! This one is not good).





Man you’d think after all these years Tudyk would finally be somebody.


To me, he will always be Wat.


That’s pretty solid casting. I really want this show to be amazing since Morrison’s Doom Patrol is an all time favorite. But I’m wary after seeing that dark and gritty Titans nonsense trailer.


To me he will always be a leaf on the wind.


I’m a bit surprised they seem to be going with Morrison era villains. I mean… Mr. Nobody:


I still can’t imagine this’ll be any good. I expect it’ll be a watered down, slightly more “edgy” and weird than normal superhero show.


On set photos have been coming out.
Robotman looks amazing. Goddamn amazing.





Those pics do look pretty cool. Seems like they’ve got the look down, at least. And the cast they’ve put together is solid. I’m cautiously optimistic.