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DC Television Thread



Looks like he might be


Wonder who they’ll cast as Lois?


Looks like they’ll have to CGI out that beard, though :confused:


Speaking of DC Television and Veronica Mars alumni, it was very cool to see Jason Dohran (Logan) in iZombie season 3. And he was great, as always.


Maybe if he starts breaking necks, nobody will notice?


He can shave, you know.


Apparently not all Superman actors can. We’ll have to wait and see…


Thinking whoever they cast should look like she and Jenna Dewan could be sisters.



I’d always assumed Batwoman would be set in the Supergirl world. That’s the world that has Super-, Bat-, etc characters (as well as the Nazi world, I guess).


Earth-31, is it? I’ve had a lot of fun with the alternate Earths on the CW series. I just think that, after jail, Oliver should do some traveling to unpucker himself and learn how to make better decisions. Maybe he could do a road trip with that fellow all upset about his suit only being CGI.


This guy:


Ah, as Ragdoll. Yeah, okay, that makes sense.

That clip was quite impressive.


I’d hire that dude for a horror movie in a heartbeat. Wouldn’t need fake looking CGI for your monster with this guy.


Shades of Rondo Hatton!



I believe it. Tim Curry is terrifying.