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DC Television Thread


Bruce Boxleitner replacing Brent Spiner.


Honestly my thoughts, although I would say ‘big thing’. Like it’s at all a big deal and dramatic statement.

If you don’t like it any more then just leave, it’s isn’t important, there are plenty of stars that have nothing to do with Twitter, so what? It just pisses off journos as it’s a lazy way to write stories.


No, no, NO! The Mutants are for OLD Bruce Wayne!



Wondered where he’d been.


Perfect casting.


Well let’s hope he doesn’t go into meltdown again… glad to see him back though, I hope he’s doing better.


He was great in the TV series Trust.


From earlier in the year:


It’s great to see Fraser getting more work, but…

Doom Patrol? I wonder if that is a good idea.

Banding together, these rejects find themselves on a mission that will take them to the weirdest and most unexpected corners of the DC universe.

Man, I hope they go for full-on weirdness from the start. I don’t see how a Doom Patrol show would be of interest to anyone otherwíse.


Just remember they’ve said that they’re casting Crazy Jane as a sexy Harley Quinnesque character.

So… :scream::rage::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


They have?

Well, that’s that series down the drain, I suppose.


Fraser is doing the voice and flashbacks, another actor will be in costume on set.

He’s 6’5, which is tall, but it’s not that exceptionally tall.


Maybe to you and other giants


Fraser is (according the net) 6’2".

So I’m wondering why he’s not playing the character on set as well?


Maybe there’s a physicality going into it?
The interview from earlier this year has him state that he is kinda messed up body-wise from his over exertions.


Could be, but I can understand needing a stunt double or someone to do big physical action, rather than play the physical role the whole time.

I guess there’s a detail I’m not aware of.


Only two inches taller than me.


Grow a bit and you could be his understudy.


Fascinating! Good article, but something missing. I see a whole chain of events that would demand professional involvement (marital problems, depression, injuries, rehab, a kid on the spectrum, the incident, having to work with McKellen (joking about that one - a bit), divorce) yet not one word. I think he’s still got a core of macho where certain areas of his life are kept private. I hope he can settle in to some nice, regular TV work.