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DC Television Thread


It really doesn’t.
I already seen people saying that this means the show is “saved” now though.


I wouldn’t have even known it was a different costume…


It doesn’t have a chin strap and some of the material is different.

I learned that from reading this article:


The big deal is that he finally gets the Flash ring.


It also seems to be a brighter shade of red.



It’s like quitting twitter is a bad thing.


Yeah. Really it’s time for everybody to just quit Twitter. At least Trump will have no-one left to talk to anymore.

That her twitter account is gone also means you can’t see the comments that apparently made her quite anymore. In the other thread, it sounded like it was all about her not being Jewish whatever else, but the tweets quoted in that article were mainly just people not liking the casting.

Which, you know, comics fans. They’ll hate on basically any and all casting. Quitting twitter should be your automatic reaction upon being cast as a superhero.


It’s being suggested he’s teasing Ruby Rose trying on her Batwoman costume.




I hope they use the Rag Doll from Secret Six by Gail Simone


I loved that run.




It’s quite disappointing, they spent a whole season teasing a character who could have been XS, then in he last 10 seconds of the season introduced her as some completely random person I’ve never heard of :frowning:


Saw the first episode of Krypton. Mixed feelings…

First, it’s just another generic sci-fi world with every cliche in the book, the elite in the lofty spires, the underclass, the fake religion to keep people down, etc. Didn’t grab me at all.

Second, I have no interest in any of the main characters. The lead is an arrogant, unlikeable charisma vacuum. His sidekick is completely bland (if he’s meant to be comic relief, it’s not working). The villain is a by-the-numbers generic sci-fi society villain, who suddenly randomly does something to help the hero because, uh, well otherwise the plot wouldn’t work. Relationships between various characters just generally don’t seem to make sense.

Within the first five minutes I knew I wouldn’t bother watching any more of this series.

And then, half way through, they might have hooked me.

First, Adam Strange! Ok, not any version of Adam Strange I recognised, but the plot element he introduced was a game-changer and suddenly I wanted to know more.

Second, when Charismaless-El found the “fortress”, they played the music!

Ok, I admit I’m a sucker for shameless emotional manipulation. I still don’t think it’s going to be a great series, but I’m at least sticking with it for a while to see where it goes.


It never gets great, but it does some clever, or at least intelligent, beats for a DC show.


damn I forgot that was a thing… wow another CW show… how many is that already? =/


Krypton is Syfy, if that’s what we’re talking about? It turned out better than I thought it would. Nothing amazing, but I was entertained.