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DC Television Thread


This is often the case. A number of shows have been cancelled for this reason. I know Dark Matter was cancelled for this reason. I believe both Person of Interest and Elementary were/are treated poorly because of this reason.


The Expanse was cancelled for the same reason.
It got better.


Damn, that’s a fucked-up business model.


Actually, CBS owns Elementary and while its ratings have declined over the years, they get quite a bit of revenue from foreign sales. While it has been a bubble show, it has gotten renewed because it makes money for the network.



WHAT “Harley Quinn dreams”?

I’m getting really annoyed at clickbait that makes erroneous assumptions.


Welcome to the Internet. Is this your first time here?



What’s Cyborg doing in Doom Patrol instead of Titans?


Cliff is gonna be pissed.


I understand Grant is on the other end of biology-shamers. (I figure anybody who wants to insult somebody by going at their genetic heritage - which no one can do anything about - is so needlessly cruel that the person must be an idiot. The type of idiot society can do without. Shark chum.) However, not to burst anyone’s bubble of self-pity, but by and small the vast majority of TV and film people are itty-bitty tiny people, generally ones with heads a bit too large for their body. That’s just what shoots well for the screen. I mean, most of these folks are dinky. Way back when Merv Griffin picked Pat Sajak as the perfect host body type, five-foot-nothing with a big ol’ potato head. Some have accused Gal Gadot of the same, but I don’t care.

Here’s the deal. I’m bigger than most automobiles. That’s the way it is. I am convinced the world is built for midgits, and the universal 30" counters were the precipitating cause of my back breaking where and how it did. (Two inches shorter or taller, not the same problem.) Short people. There’s a tune about them!

DC Comics - The Rebirth is Here

Grant’s a good looking guy - but that suit is the least of the troubles of that show.
(Still looks crap though.)


Yeah, it was the new suit that started this. But dinky? I quite like Danielle Panabaker, but, really, she could sleep comfortably in one of my shoes.


Well, this won’t make @Tom_Punk happy:


(…) Cyborg, the half-human, half-machine former football star who has quickly grown to become one of the most recognizable and beloved heroes in the DC Universe.






Cliff’s there too.

I wonder if Beast Boy’s origins are still with the Doom Patrol or if he and Vic are swapping for the App-Verse shows.

(No is calling them that except for me) :slight_smile:


First OFFICIAL look at the new costume for Season 5 of The Flash:


It doesn’t look that different from the old one.