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DC Television Thread


I’m surprised to hear the backlash about this on social media.
You’d think people would have understood what the CW prioritizes when it comes to leads…it’s not acting ability.
Look at Amell - the man cannot act.


He can act, he just has very limited range. At least in the first season that range was all that was needed. Rose on the other hand has been awful in everything I’ve seen her in.


I haven’t seen any evidence to that.
If we’re setting Rose as a lower bar, I think it’s being disingenuous.

They’re likely both as untalented.


I figure if they can give her a good supporting cast it’ll be fine. I’ve only really seen her in Orange is the New Black in which she was okay. I at least don’t remember her being particularly good or bad. Just kind of there. I’m willing to give her a shot.



It’s your first time on social media, I see.


Touche, Lorcan, Touche.


I’ve never seen Ruby Rose act, so I can’t judge. But, just based on the aesthetics, she’s attractive but I’m not really seeing her as:


I mean, the character wears a wig.


I mean, she’s rather slight in build. Hopefully, they have her pump up.


nah she looks the part well enough… I wonder what they’ll do with the million tattoos she’s got though… :smile:


Kate Kane has tattoos, so if they don’t want to conceal them I’m sure they could make it work.


She does not usually have a tattoo of Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles though.



Yeah, that one might be hard to explain away.

I imagine concealing tattoos under makeup is pretty standard stuff for actors though. Even if she might need more than most!


Adding Batwoman to the Arrowverse sounds great, but I’m not sure adding another show is a brilliant idea. The superhero TV market place is starting to get over-crowded by DC shows alone.


I have to imagine Arrow will end soon. It’s going into season 7, so they should probably start shuffling some shows off. Would kind of rather they ditch the whole mega crossover thing and just cancel all the shows and do a Justice League show.


I think they’ve said something about doing shorter seasons for some of the shows, which would help certainly. I liked the last season of the Flash, for instance, but condensed down to half the length, it would have been stronger.


This is the CW we’re talking about. Supernatural is going into season 14. And that’s after the show ended in season 5!


Well to be fair the scripts only ever call for “happy” “troubled” or “pissed”. I think even I could handle that range.

(N.B. I say this as a fan of the DC shows :slight_smile: )


I mean, I think Caity Lotz tried “happy but also troubled” one time last season and it didn’t end well at all.