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DC Television Thread


That actually looks like that show is fun at this point. I might break my no-cw-superhero-show rule and take a look, especially with Constantine as a permanent addition.


The third season (which a lot of that trailer is from) was a lot of fun.


I think Legends of Tomorrow is objectively terrible TV but also somehow quite fun if you’re willing to embrace how dumb it is. Season 3 was definitely a lot more fun than the previous two seasons and part of the reason is that the show finally embraced its goofiness and just stopped trying to be anything else.



After a really dire start, Legends picked itself up to become the most fun thing on television. It’s really the TV equivalent of the JLI by now.

My suspicion is that they realised how bad they were and just stopped taking it seriously. And it really worked for them.


Young Justice looks much better than Titans. I would be much more interested in Dc Universe because of that rather than Titans.


Young Justice isn’t a launch show though. I think Titans is the only new series they’ll have at the start.


I know. what I meant was I think they should have put YJ as a launch show.


Much like Justice League, I’m expecting the launch of there streaming service to flop. They’ve been way too vague on the content that will be available. And what they have shown is underwhelming thus far. I feel like they’re desperately trying to beat Disney to the punch and it’s not going to go over well.


Ratings on the CW shows are not that high to begin with so I’m not sure there is a large enough audience to support this. It would probably have a better chance of success if it were a component of a larger service, like how the Marvel stuff will be a section of the upcoming Disney service.




Is it more difficult for homosexual actors to get work?

Or are you being sarcastic?


Yes, and no.


I don’t understand how this would be the case?

Is there a declaration form for sexuality you have to fill in when casting for a a role? How would the casting team know someone’s sexuality? And why would it matter.

Unless they are so famous that they’ve been on the red carpet with their spouse. And the casting team are homophobes.