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Where are the Fishnets?




the breakdown they give for the supposed “Batwoman” char sounds more like Cassandra Cain(orphan)

fierce fighter despite “a small stature.” Angeline is experienced in stealth and able to “wipe out buildings filled with foes all by herself before she is gone like a ghost.”

In Detective, I never got the idea that Kate was big on stealth. but I believe that, while soldiers can be stealthy, a popular impressions of soldiers is more like Cable (lots of gear and big guns) than Shang Chi ( i know I am mixing universes) and Kate is definitely a Soldier in the comics. but the Arrowverse could change that take on Kate.

In the End, I think the main reason they want to use Batwoman is to introduce another lesbian into the show. that is my cynical take on this.




Makes sense. CW kind of lives off the Arrowverse so they need to keep rotating in new shows (and ending some of the older ones).


Waiting for the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/Arrow/Riverdale crossover.


Have you seen the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/ I, Zombie crossover? Bloom’s character was underused but McIver’s take on her was good.


I’ve heard Rachel Bloom showed up on the show, and the episode is on Netflix over here, but I’v enot watched it yet.


I’d watch that.


She’s only in a cold-open, as a character whose brain Liv eats.



First official look of the team?


Good call.

There will hopefully come a time when the sexuality of the actor doesn’t matter at all when it comes to the role they’re playing, but today, when it’s more difficult for homosexual actors to get work, casting a gay actor for a role like this is a good idea.


Just kinda found out that Kevin Conroy is gay.


I just found out that Kyle Baker was black.