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Where are the Fishnets?




the breakdown they give for the supposed β€œBatwoman” char sounds more like Cassandra Cain(orphan)

fierce fighter despite β€œa small stature.” Angeline is experienced in stealth and able to β€œwipe out buildings filled with foes all by herself before she is gone like a ghost.”

In Detective, I never got the idea that Kate was big on stealth. but I believe that, while soldiers can be stealthy, a popular impressions of soldiers is more like Cable (lots of gear and big guns) than Shang Chi ( i know I am mixing universes) and Kate is definitely a Soldier in the comics. but the Arrowverse could change that take on Kate.

In the End, I think the main reason they want to use Batwoman is to introduce another lesbian into the show. that is my cynical take on this.