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DC Television Thread




It should not spoil anything to just quietly say watch for the Harry Potter motifs - and the Sarlacc Pits.

That’s right, plural.




Total complete fucking LIE!


There was no banana.





It’ll be interesting to see how they price it. Right now those shows sounds intriguing, but there’s not nearly enough content there to compete with Netflix or Disney’s upcoming streaming service. Also, make the DC superhero movies available for limited windows sounds like a bad idea, especially at the onset when content will be so thin.



Before we get into the individual character breakdowns for the first episode, I think it’s important to discuss the tone of the show. TITANS is very much not a series for children. There are multiple f-bombs and s-bombs, among other swear-words that make it seem like they’re going for an R-rating. Moreover, the action is brutal, with bone snaps, people being shot, burned, and mangled.




Teen Titans Go is not ending so I think the idea of making Titans more mature is a good idea. It is also going to be on a streaming service so Kids are not the audience they are looking for. If you want to watch a kids take on the Titans, Teen Titans GO is there for you.


Kids - Teen Titans Go
Tweens and Teens - New Teen Titans
Snyderverse - Titans


Thirtysomethings - Titanic
Fortysomethings - Clash Of The Titans
Fiftysomethings - Waistbands Tighten


Sixtysomethings - Follicles Whiten
Seventysomethings - Technology Frightens


Well this set off my nerd rage.
"Crazy Jane will be reimagined as a “sexy,” “Harley Quinn-esque character.” "

Not unless the Shadowy Mr Evans shows up :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


So much for real Doom Patrol. Bring on the DC Skwad!


Nah, Swamp Thing all the way baybee!