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Doens’t “sound like”… he narrated that episode… but it makes sense since he IS the creator =P

Oh and I’m pretty sure those are extra-episodes that weren’t part of the regular season (they might be left-overs from S1), they might’ve been keeping them for filler episodes on S3, but since it got canned… =/



I won’t miss him. There was no room for a regular second speedster on Flash – it worked for very occasional Waid-style “let’s get all the team together” events, but other than that Wally was redundant. On Legends, after the initial “I’ve done it already while you were still talking” gag, he again became redundant. Legends has become about characters who rarely use super-powers at all (I suspect that’s for budgetary reasons :wink: ) and all Wally has is flashy (excuse the pun) powers. He adds nothing to the ensemble beyond that.


Oh, really? That’s a shame. Season 3 still hasn’t come to Netflix here, but I loved the first two seasons.


The first two seasons are great - and Season 3 is okay. It definitely still does have a good core to it, but a lot of it does go beyond its reach.

Season 4 revels in CW-tier forced drama and character mishandling. A core theme of the series is thrown out of the window in order to facilitate a very dumbed down and simple “black and white” narrative. And the by-product is making the characters very unlikable, shallow, and stupid.


Well, bugger. I guess I’ll enjoy season 3 as much as possible and maybe just ignore season 4, then.


Remember, my friends, always remember -



Smallville is miles better than anything the CW puts out nowadays.


Exactly, The current batch of CW shows don’t have anyone in sex cults.


You’re so naive, Todd.


If they would publicly admit it, I’d think they’re ratings would improve.




Hey, Cap’n Clickbait - that’s already been taken down. :cry:





Anything on Supergirl?
I hear producers are engaged in a worldwide casting search for an actress to play the new transgender character that’s being added to the show next season. As you probably heard, the newbie’s name is (tentatively) Nia Nal and she’ll be joining the Catco investigative reporting squad.