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Ah. Fantastic Beasts - done properly.


Superboy #182 “The Forging of Young Batman” from 1972. He’s rubbish at it though, nearly condemns an innocent man until Superboy sets him straight.


Exactly why it shouldn’t be done!


…should Frank Miller give royalties to those creators? :smiley:








A tight 10 episodes is what a DC show needs. Hopefully the CW learns.


I hope they put her into the Pfiefer costume before all is done… at least once =P


Season 1 of Black Lightning was thirteen episodes long.


Uh, she’s 19 years old.

That would be… not good.


Why? it’s all completely covered up… and she looks soooooooooo mcuh like Pfeifer… u_u


iZombie’s really awful current season has shown that might be too long as well.

I haven’t seen Black Lightning but I haven’t heard positive things.


Lucifer showed 2 new episodes after the season finale. They were like “timeless” in that there was no mention of Pierce or that Chloe saw saw Lucy’s devil face. I enjoyed them a lot though.
The first introduced “Ray-Ray” a ghost that only Lopez sees. Ray-Ray turns out to be Lucy’s sister Azrael, angel of death. Ray- Ray shows up trying to convince Ella to stay in LA after her family puts pressure on her to return to Detroit to be with them.
The second is an alternate universe where Decker’s dad does not die and she becomes a movie star instead of a detective. The ep shows Lucy and Chloe meeting for the first time. The episode is narrated by Lucifer’s Dad, God and he sounds just like Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman is God in the Luciferverse


So, this week’s Supergirl - “Not Kansas”.

What the … ???

Let’s throw some disconnected shit together, ignore the ongoing plot lines, add some very pedantic and unnecessary blither about guns (done extraordinarily badly), turn Kara into an adopted-home-abandoning-homewrecking-paranoiac-ditz-with-a-flat-affect. Yes, we caught the virginal white costuming bit. Not a bit obvious, that. And everybody who’s a cult freak knows how to pilot a shapeshifting Martian FTL ship. While its owner processes emotion at a speed that makes glaciation look instantaneous. Miss Tessmacher is suddenly a physics genius, somehow working as a verbally abused CatCo secretary. That makes sense. And I really want “James” Olsen to fall off a very tall building with no one around to hear - kinda like a tree in a forest. Just go back to Clark, “James”. You are a pain in the ass. And as for J’onn J’onzz, he apparently went Martian-nuts somewhere along the line with the whole rest of them. I’m a big advocate of batons, ASPs, Tasers, bean bags and any non-lethal (hopefully) weapons; just so long as they’re backed up by shotguns and SWAT Teams. I’m a bit realistic. (We do what we can, but, if you insist…) And then he backs transfers? Sure, I want to go after the three “WorldKillers” with a brand-new stun gun. In a pig’s eye!

Was it just me, or was this a Bizarro World episode?


Don’t hold back. Tell us how you really felt.