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DC Television Thread


I’d say Legends has been better than SHIELD this season. Definitely more fun.


And Gotham which has been crazy since Season 2 and never stopped


So does Teen Titans Go!

You don’t get that on Legion.


I think we’ve all come to agree that on the ladder of crazy/good comic shows Legends ain’t at the top at least.



Leo-X?? “Citizen” Cold??? Do I even want to know??? :smile:


I’m guessing from the Nazi Universe of Earth-X.


Riiight… okay, I’ll put that into the “no, I don’t wanna know” categroy then =P


Yes. Ray - "the Ray"s - boyfriend.


Harry and his thinking cap. And probably the guy who can transfer powers. I don’t remember DeVoe getting him, but I might have missed it.

And running really fast.


He got him.

And Devoe’ll probably use one of his many powers to trip Barry and then say something smug.

Don’t think there’s ever been a villain on either of the CW DC shows I’ve wanted to see get taken down a peg more. Not even Mallus and he was a fucking demon.


I raise you



Yeah, I saw that he’d gotten him after posting.


Where were we talking about this? Somebody move it to the right thread!

The axe hath fallen.


An episode of Law and Order: SVU waiting to happen.



Mack, 35, appeared before a judge in the federal court in Brooklyn looking unkempt and gaunt. The actress was wearing jeans, a denim shirt and holding tissues, CBS 6 Albany reported. After entering her plea the judge refused a request by her lawyers to release her without bail. A bail hearing will be held Monday.


If it’s not an episode not season, I will be greatly disappointed.


That’s gonna be a hard plea given that her initials are branded on several women.


That’s not incriminating in and of itself though, is it?