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DC Television Thread



Watched the first episode of Black Lightning out of curiosity…I was into it at the start when he’s this guy that used to be a hero, but he’s trying to live an normal life and raise his family. But I lost interest when he put the crappy looking costume on.

And it was really distracting just how many times the characters said Black Lightning. It was at least twice in every scene.


Yeah, I wasn’t really a fan of the costume, either. I thought it looked uncomfortable. But it kinda grew on me. It’s kind of an approximation of:


That is also so bad




I got that reference.


Good news or bad news? You decide:


I doubt this will affect anything



OK, rundown of all the powers the Thinker now possesses after last night’s episode of The Flash:

I’m sorry, how is Barry supposed to beat him now?


By running, really fast.
And yes, I know it’s The Flash, but the show has been really bad about that.

Or, hell, it could do the other CW/DC standard and have someone else save the day entirely.



That hospital gets regular business. Remember how the hospital in Smallvllle grew from a small building to a major medical center? In Small-ville?


I binged S3 of Legends a few days ago, and it’s a lot of fun. Really looking forward to S4 with more Constantine, and hopefully bringing in more DCU fantasy characters.


Krypton has leapfrogged into Gotham Season 2 territory/attitude with the latest episode.
It’s gonna be fuuuun on a bun.


I’ve been curious how Krypton has been playing out.


Pretty solid so far.
Good handle on actually building up real drama and the characters.

Now it’s bringing in the crazy stuff and hopefully that gives it some momentum.


I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed Krypton so far. When it was announced I thought it sounded pretty dumb, because who wants another Superman prequel. But it’s been working.


I assume they’re excluding Legion and Agents of SHIELD, because the former is the weirdest superhero show, and the latter is the greatest, but this one does both?