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DC Television Thread




I’ve gotten to know Stephen a bit and even his cousin Robbie - and both have talked about this for a long while. Robbie has a real itch to play Batman - enough to work out for it. I think they should do it, maybe having a Batman from one of the other Earths being the source, leaving the Arrowverse still up in the air about whether they have a Batman or not. (All we know is that there is a Bruce Wayne.)


If that meant that the other CW shows never got made - it’s clearly not as bad as our timeline.

I think that Robbie is about barely more talented than his awful cousin, but he really surprised me in A Series of Unfortunate Events Season 2.


It is, if that includes Black Lightning.


Never seen it.

But even that is worth not existing if it gets rid of 3-4 other horrible shows.


huh… I’ll keep an eye out for that… but everything I’ve seen Robbie Amell in, he’s been REALLY bad… worse than Stephen, so… yeah… =/


Nope, I think he’s terrible as well, but his voice has less fakery to it.

But he really was great as Kevin the Ambidextrous Man in Season 2.


Iron Man Flops

Behold. The darkest of timelines.





I don’t think Chloe will be available…


She got annoyin’ in later seasons.


Lana may not be either…


And the Green Arrow has been replaced with Hartley demoted to prime-time soap.


I wouldn’t call it a demotion. The show is a ratings hit. Ollie is now legit.


Legit? LEGIT?

He has not shot ONE arrow!


He has shot many arrows…

…into the hearts of viewers who have fallen in love with him and This Is Us.


He has failed this city!