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Krypton: Season 1, Episode 1

Not as good as Gotham so far, but much better than the first season of that show or any of the stuff on the CW. Although the society it shows is really the lynch pin. If you don’t find interest in the society, the show just won’t work.

Still, good start.



I watched the series premiere and it had a CW vibe to it. Our hero is a troublemaker and golden child wrapped into one. There is a tragic love triangle and ignorant, oblivious Adults. The British accents seemed out of place. The use of Paula Malcomson (wife from Ray Donovan) seemed totally wasted in the material she was given. They want to draw in the capes fans but there are no powers or enhanced abilities evident.

Do you mind the rank(caste) system? They only showed the rankless environment so how can you get any feel for the way the society is set up.


Well, you can get a feel for the whole theocracy and the general dickishness of Kryptonian society. Like, their iconic dickishness. So the show has that to contend with because everyone on the upper echelons in Kryptonian society is just a very self-serving kinda feel to them.

A CW vibe though?
Really? That does a disservice to this even if you didn’t like it.


that was the point. The lead reminds me of early Ollie


Eh…Ollie was always a block of wood.

This guy has at least more than one tone of voice.




I just saw an ad for the Judas contract Animated movie and the tagline was the Young fight hard for Justice. really? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: this deserves a rant but I am tired of fighting DC’s disdain for the New Teen Titans. Yesterday I found out that they are scrapping the current Titans book and now their best storyline is being co-opted by Young Justice :sigh:


Spoiler if you didn’t see this week’s Black Lightning


For those who watched Smallville:


The funny part is on my facebook I was recently involved in a discussion with a group of people about this where one of the women had actually been approached by Mack and her mother about joining the group (not knowing it was a cult). She was super freaked out to find out what she had nearly gone to attend.


I first learned about this two years ago.

It’s rather insane that one of these days we might see the words “Allison Mack Manhunt” trending on Twitter.



Quite a rough episode, writing and production-wise. Lots of fits and starts and not much consistency.

And I am sick and tired of every fucking fight being held in the dark. The original idea for bright costumed heroes was easy identification so one did not have to strain the brain and could just roll along with the story. In the dark it’s moving figures, maybe. Buy some light bulbs!



This is the darkest timeline


Not so. In the true Darkest Timeline, Smallville season 17 has just been renewed.


In the darkest timeline, Agents of SHIELD was cancelled the week before the Winter Soldier crossover


In the darkest timeline, they never made a Legion TV series.