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DC Television Thread


Hopefully that’s an imaginary story.

Oh, wait … they all are :confused:


Honestly, after dropping all of the DC/CW shows this season, every time I hear news it’s like news from a, worse, dimension.

It’s surreal.


I’ve never watched any of them and it’s pretty much the same.


I would like to echo this particular statement


Yup me too… I was gonna post the usual “well, Im glad I dropped those shows”, but found myself not even caring enough for that :smile:


I enjoyed a few seasons of each of them, but it just got increasingly sillier and repetitive

More and more speedsters is such a boring idea

I’ve been recording the 4th season of flash and 6th season of arrow on our bedroom sky box and I’ve not been able to muster the enthusiasm to watch a full episode yet - I’ve got 10/15 mins in a few times then lost my concentration


This season I’ve had the most fun with Legends. As long as the Rip Hunter dude is not around it’s a decent show.



Legends went from so-bad-I’m-not-watching-it in the first season to the best of the bunch in this season. It’s the closest to a JLI vibe we’re likely to get from any super-hero property. And I love how they play with period details – the one set in the 80s, where they end up recreating E.T. was genius.


They must have Arthur Darvill under a multiyear contract because they keep shoehorning him in the show. Last night’s was awful. The “reason” he went and got Wally was so Wally could steal his long coat back from the bureau. WTF? I would’ve spoilered it but it was so stupid and has nothing to do with the main plot. Otherwise the show is killing it. The Legends really play their parts so well and the stories are quite fun.


iZombie Season 4 premiered last night. Solid start to a season with a whole new status quo and seeding some rather catastrophic plotlines. It’s going to be another stellar season.


Apparently, they got something called a “budget”. New Seattle is interesting.

Didn’t like the fight editing at the end of the Legends episode, and, as always, despise the way Darvill/Hunter is written. Personally, all along I hoped he was just imitating the real Rip Hunter, sort of like a clown version of Eobard. Sooner or later the real Rip would come along (played by Sam Washington) and all would be right with time.

Did like the brief bit where Brandon got to deliver a message of hope in a blue shirt. Shirt seemed to be missing something.


It really is an interesting new setting.

Especially the different ideological factions that are popping up. This could be a final season and it would make sense.



I was watching last week’s episode of BL and I thought of BP in that both are dealing with imo, similar issues of self and society.


Spoilers for anyone who didn’t see this week’s episode of Black Lightning


Spoilers if you didn’t see last night’s Arrow