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DC Television Thread


Spoiler alert if you haven’t been watching this season of Arrow


Wow Michael Emmerson is really slummin it these days =/



Good article. I understand Jones’ childhood just a little bit. Around 4th-5th grade there was a kid named Bernard, an albino black guy who was legally blind. Good guy, remember him as shy (of course) but willing to try anything. He’s a definite element in the tapestry of my past that thankfully kept me liking the unusual and not being part of the unwashed masses.



Here are my 10 DC characters who need to appear in Legends of Tomorrow:

Cosmic Boy
Lightning Lad
Saturn Girl
Phantom Girl
Ultra Boy
Matter Eater Lad
Bouncing Boy
Triplicate Girl
Light Lass
Braniac 5



Well, then, last night’s episode of Arrow probably would have made you a little happy.


Well done, though, I think.



I should hope so considering Beast Boy’s origin.


Been wondering if the Doom Patrol could work in live-action.



I watched this and the whole Constantine-Sara thing is very minor. the entire show seemed to play up the team’s faults. Mick spends the entire time in the Waverider watching a US football game, Constantine and Sara shag while Leo is in danger of getting lobotomized, and Vixen keeps letting her granddaughter kick her ass The whole screwups theme is still fun to watch. I feel sorry for Kid Flash who joins next week, because this team has been a mess since Jax left. It seems he was the only one keeping them on track.



The one time I can say I enjoyed Teen Titans Go!



This looks…really good.